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The Cycle Announces Long Testing Weekend and New Features

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The Cycle continues to impress with their test weekends, and thanks to this success, they will be opening the servers every weekend! This weekend’s test times are Today at 11 am EDT (May 24th) until Monday, May 27th, 2019 at 3 am EDT. With this update, players can see several new weapon mods. Mods for all Battle Rifles and Sniper Rifles will be hitting the game, so that should bring some exciting new gameplay. PVP Looting¬†also arrives with this update. See another Prospector with a gun you want? Just take them out and claim it as your own! If you remove a player from the match, you can claim their gear. Finally, something I’m excited about,¬†Faster Backstabbing is enabled. The time to break a pact only takes three seconds now, instead of ten seconds. This gives people less time to act upon your sudden-but-inevitable betrayal.

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