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Cuisine Royale Celebrates Halloween With Mean-Ass Zombies

Cuisine Royale -Halloween -image

Cuisine Royale gets into the Halloween spirit this weekend with a Zombie-themed event. Today through the end of the weekend, players who die become AI-controlled zombies. Zombies yield no weapons, but they’re mean! Strong, fast and violent, these zombies can knock down doors and outrun players. In addition to Zombies on the battlefield, players will find Halloween-themed gear, such as a pumpkin helmet which gives incredible head and neck protection.┬áBat cameras, which allow you to survey your surroundings from a third-person perspective. And for those who are listening carefully, a specific song lasting 45-seconds that announces that all wooden latrines become temporary transportation devices that flush you down and across the map to other smelly latrines, allowing you to surprise the shit out of your enemies.

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