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Crusaders of Light’s Latest Update Adds New Classes, Artifact and Servers

Crusaders of Light Update

Crusaders of Light, the free-to-play cross-platform MMORPG has some new content today, in an update that is now available. It adds the new Dark Ranger, Chaos Mystic, and Divine Paladin classes. Players can look forward to high DPS on the Dark Ranger, and powerful Area of Effect attacks on the Chaos Mystic.┬áThe Divine Paladin can also heal and transfer buffs to others on the battlefield. They can also harness the power of the stars with the Favor of Torannis Artifact. There are also two new servers, one for EU and one for NA, that players can transfer their characters to – Bladefall Valley (UTC-5) and Guardian Fort (UCT +2).┬áBoth Bladefall Valley and Guardian Fort do not have a level requirement, offering balanced and fair gameplay for new, mid, or lower-level players.

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