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Heavy Metal Machines: ESL South American Championship Signup

Heavy Metal Machines Debuts Full Metal Judge

Attention, South American readers!

Do you love Heavy Metal Machines, and want to compete with others for a R$ 12.500,00 prize pool? All you need to have is a team of at least four players but no more than five, and have Heavy Metal Machines Steam game ID. Players will compete in 4 on 4, and are eliminated after 3 losses. All match settings will be SWISS, with a best of 1 map. SWISS mode also offers 3 lives for the game. Matches will be played on the South-America region, if not agreed to play somewhere else by both sides. The Quick Rules are as follows:

  • Sign up for Heavy Metal Machines on Steam!
  • Register on ESL and follow the instructions on this page.
  • Make sure you confirm your participation (check-in) 30 minutes before the cup start.
  • Current Hoplon employees or ex-employees for the past 12 months are forbidden to participate. Any team that have players in those two conditions will be disqualified.
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