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CrimeCraft launches Spring update

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CrimeCraft launched its spring update late last week, adding a solid series of updates for players.

Added in the update were custom matches, which let players set parameters on the games (including controls on weapons, abilities, and boosts). Players can now create matches straight from the Battles UI.

Stockpile has been changed to a solo game mode, preventing container stealing. It now has a 20 minute game duration, and pits players against Rogues, Thugs, and Triads, spawns both bots and loot boxes randomly on the map.

The Black Market, UI and battle chat have been updated, and a new Wall of Shame has been added to the forums to show weekly how hackers have been dealt with.

CrimeCraft is published by Vogster, and is also available through Gravity Interactive’s WarpPortal.

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CrimeCraft Spring Update Now Live

CrimeCraft was updated last week with many new player-inspired features, including:

  • Custom matches
  • A total revamp of the Stockpile game mode
  • New Black Market items and more

Custom Matches allow players to set dozens of parameters on their games ranging such as knives only, no abilities, no boosts, no special weapons (AR, shotgun, SMG, pistol only matches). We also changed how users create matches, which is now done directly from the Battles UI. The window has two tabs, Join and Create. Join shows matches currently available. Create allows users access to all of the tools they need to create a match, custom or standard.

Stockpile also has seen extensive changes. The game mode is now played solo – so there’s no more container stealing – and has a duration of 20 minutes. Enemies can be Rogues, Thugs or Triads and both bots and loot boxes spawn randomly across the map, making each play session unique. One match you’ll be fighting Clearshots and Firemen, the next you might face Berserkers and Technicians. In allm there are about 15 different bot types and hundreds of combinations. Loot boxes now appear on your radar as “?” guiding you from container to container. Mini-bosses have been added as well, and player spawn points have been adjusted.

In the Black Market , we’ve added a number of new customization options and new, customized weapons. Hats and masks, including gas masks, have been added, along with new premium glasses. We’ve also added new 5-slot, pre-customized guns that come with attachments at various levels. Other new items include the Empty Passport that allows a character name change and the Gang Charter that allows a gang name change.

The UI has also had some additions, such as a new button that allows user to customize what chat channels he sees in lobbies or in instances, and a new Emote button that opens a menu of emotes when you click on the smiling skull.

There’s also a new post-battle chat that stays up until the player closes the Battle Rewards window or enters another instance.

You can read the full list of changes made in the update here.

We’ve already begun work on the next CrimeCraft update which will likely be debuting this summer and will include additional graphics parameters that should allow users to improve game performance.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s coming at

Wall of Shame Added to Forums to Show Hacker Bann ings
The CrimeCraft Wall of Shame has been added in the forums to show on a weekly and a year-to-date basis the actions we have taken against hackers in our game. The post can be found pinned in ourĀ General Forums.

The results are broken down by offense and region.

As our policy states, we do not give out any details on users who are banned are suspended. However, we are continuing to crack down on hackers and action the accounts of those who cheat or exploit in CrimeCraft.

Last week alone about 140 accounts were banned for cheating and we will continue to enforce our policies in upcoming weeks.

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