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Conquer Online: “2nd Ninja War” update coming August 12th

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Conquer Online

On August 12, Conquer Online will witness the 2nd Ninja War break out in an incredible fashion, and introduce the new Epic Weapon to the community. Shadow Ninjas, who emerge in the CO world for the first time, will bring special new skills to challenge Dark Ninjas in the new expansion.

The Ninja, a mysterious oriental figure that were specially trained as spies and mercenaries, appeared during the unrest of the “warring states” period. However, there has been a war between two Ninja clans that was rarely known by people before Ninja was first launched in the world of Conquer. Dark Ninjas, who was the victor of the war, appeared on the stage of history and considered invincible.
Shadow Ninjas, who received severe damage from the war, began to fade into obscurity, remembered only by the oldest and most dedicated scholars of the art. The 2nd Ninja War is inevitable! Who will have the last laugh, Shadow Ninjas or Dark Ninjas? Here, Conquer Online would like to introduce Ninja’s new skills and epic weapon!

EPIC WEAPON: Under the protection of Nobunaga, they got Nobunaga’s Claw as their epic weapon, as only they have the ability to wield it. The Nobunaga’s Claw has several uses beyond normal combat, and certain superior elements can only be seen in the expansion. Only with the Epic Weapon, new skills can be fully used to deal deadly blow to Dark Ninjas!

NEW SKILLS: After disappearing for years of studying, Shadow Ninjas came up with their new skills, Shadow Clone, Twilight Dance, Fatal Spin and Super Twofold Blade. When using the Shadow Clone skill, you call upon your ancestors to summon clones into the world to aid you. You can attack over long distances by using Twilight Dance, and the Super Twofold Blade skill allows you to focus intensely, in order to expand the range of your attack.

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