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Cthulhu Chronicles from MetaArcade Unleashes Mobile Horror Adventures

Cthulhu Chronicles is a narrative horror story, designed for mobile and presently on the App Store for iOS devices, with other platforms presently in development. It was created in partnership with Chaosium, creator of the popular “Call of Cthulhu” tabletop, and seeks to distill the essence of the award-winning RPG system into a story-driven, intuitive experience for mobile gamers. The setting is in 1920s New England, and will feature a 10% discount on launch week to celebrate the great power of the Old Gods. First appearing in the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and frequently referenced in popular culture, Cthulhu and other Elder Gods are deities of monstrous appearance whose mere presence can drive onlookers insane.

Imprisoned in an underwater city, Cthulhu is a source of constant, unidentified anxiety for all of humankind while his followers seek to bring about his return. At launch, the game will include five unique scenarios, created with MetaArcade’s proprietary “Adventure Creator” tool, with more on the way. These make up the first Cthulhu Chronicles campaign, Investigations in Lovecraft Country. Additional campaigns are planned after launch, and there will be an opportunity for the community to create their own stories in the future. Players will receive three ‘trials’ each day to play any story for free and can buy stories via in-app purchases to unlock them permanently.

“Our mission is to bring tabletop RPG adventures to mobile into graphically appealing, bite-size chunks you can pick up and play, and it’s been exciting converting Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu to our Adventure Creator format for Cthulhu Chronicles,” said David Reid, Founder and CEO of MetaArcade. “We’ve created new and remastered adventures with multiple branching storylines that create a satisfying balance of horror and adventure through the campaign arc.”

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