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Combat Arms: Reloaded Will Be Released on Steam

Combat Arms: Reloaded, the Free-to-Play Multiplayer Shooter will be coming to Steam, as was announced by VALOFE. This brings one of the biggest free-to-play shooters to Steam, where players can customize their soldier, rank up, acquire perks, and tackle dozens of modes as well as a wealth of different maps. Combat Arms: Reloaded is constantly updated to have more options to choose from, and whether you want to play One Man Army, Elimination, Capture the Flag or Quarantine Regen, the choice is yours. By completing objectives, killing other players, and leveling up one’s rank, players receive Gear Points which can be used on new equipment (weapons, attachments, accessories), or players can purchase equipment from the Black Market, using GC. With over two hundred and seventy guns, no matter what style of shooter you are, there’s something waiting in Combat Arms: Reloaded. Whether you want to go 8 vs. 8 or one versus all, this shooter is on the way to the Steam platform.

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