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Combat Arms Releases Operation: Death Row

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Nexon has launched Operation: Death Row, the latest update to the MMOFPS Combat Arms.  This update introduces a brand new map, and a new event.

Death Row is a new map for the Hired Guns mode.  It is team-based, featuring unlimited respawns, and the ability to hire mercenaries to guard their bases.  There are five capture points on the map, which also features small rooms and corridors for close quarters combat.  Players who play in Hired Guns matches until August 29 will receive 50% to their EXP and GP.  Completing 10 Hired Gun matches rewards a free mystery crate.

Starting August 17, players who log into Combat Arms will give players free access to 38 different weapons.  The event will repeat again on August 24.

Nexon also publishes Dungeon Fighter Online and Vindictus.

Combat Arms “Operation: Death Row” Gameplay Trailer


Death Row Rampage

Nexon’s ‘Combat Arms’ breaks into jail with new control point map, free gun event

Nexon America has released “Operation: Death Row,” new content for its weapon-packed online first-person-shooter, “Combat Arms.” Kicking off the introduction of the new map, “Combat Arms” is hosting the “Open Armory Event” starting today, where players are given access to 38 free guns by simply logging in to the game.

Death Row is a new map for the Hired Guns game mode. It is a team-based game mode with unlimited respawns and where players can hire mercenaries to fortify their bases. The map features five capture points with small rooms and corridors, which will invite close quarter combat, with few sniper nests and little space to camp for kills.

Players who play Hired Guns matches through Aug. 29 will receive 50 percent EXP and GP bonuses. Additionally, players who complete 10 Hired Gun matches through Aug. 29 will receive a free mystery crate containing massive prizes.

The login event, “Open Armory,” will give players free seven-day access to 38 different weapons starting Aug. 17, which will repeat itself on Aug. 24, with a new set of 39 different deadly weapons. With more than 300 guns in the game, this is just a taste of the firepower Combat Arms has to offer. This is also the biggest giveaway in “Combat Arms” history.

The new “Operation: Death Row” contents is live and free to download and play at:

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