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Closers Heralds the Arrival of Nitocris

Closers New Raid Announcement

With a new year, that means new content for a variety of games. Closers is no exception! As of Monday, the next raid event for Closers began, and that’s Nitocris. Nitocris awaits in the Purification Ops for all comers who are level 80. This is also a good chance to get the Dark Command costume for Luna. This will be available until January 21st, and players will be able to fuse the Dark Command costumes using the Dark Synchro Fiber.  In addition, battles in the Purification Ops will also now earn points towards your overall Purification Ops rank. Increasing ones rank will earn rewards following the weekly reset. There are also a host of events going on during this time, and more info can be found below.

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