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Lahn Pre-customization Available Now in Black Desert Online

BDO - Lahn Customization - thumbnail

The Lahn class brings the total class list up to sixteen for Black Desert Online, and players can pre-customize theirs right now! Adventurers can also participate in the Lahn Customization Contest. The winner will receive the Orchid Fall Classic Set and Merv’s Palette (30 Days) for Lahn. If that wasn’t enough, players who create their Lahn class before May 23rd’s regular maintenance will receive the following rewards: Horse Flute (7D)Item Collection Increase Scroll x3Gold Bar 100G. Subscribing to the Black Desert Online newsletter before the next maintenance will also give Book of Combat (7D)Blessing of Kamasylve (7D) and Gold Bar 100G. There are lots of great items here just for making a customized character, so don’t miss out!

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