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Chrono Wars Introduces Cavalry and Wedding System

Chrono Wars Introduces Cavalry and Wedding System news header

MMORPG Chrono Wars has introduced systems of love and war this July.

Cavalry System
Activating the Cavalry improves a character’s basic attributes, and grants players temporary weapons which they can imbue to become even stronger. Black Crystals can be found from daily quests and the Cellar to activate the Cavalry.

Wedding System
After level 52, players can unlock the partner system and begin their relationship with an unmarried player of the opposite sex. These players can then build their intimacy by completing campaigns together and using special stones. These wedding rings also grant additional skills and attributes, though these are lost if the players decide to divorce.

Of course, no wedding is complete without a ceremony. Five time slots each day are available for happy couples, and all guests receive gifts for attending. The larger the wedding, the bigger the gifts for everyone!

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