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Camelot Unchained BSC: Stat and Magic Systems Revealed

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Camelot Unchained’s BSC (that’s “Bat Shit Crazy”) Days are in swing all week, and in the past two days, City State Entertainment has revealed both the game’s basic stat system and their magic system.

The stat system for CU aims to bring back the style of early pen and paper games that reward smart player choice (and punish poor player choice). It will not include experienced-based progression, but will use the “usage-based” system in which you take logical actions to increase the stat you’re after (such as swinging a sword to increase your strength).

Stats will be divided into primary, secondary, and derived stats, and have three levels of caps which determine how fast progression in gaining the stats are. These stats will act as a gating mechanic for abilities and gear, and not as a bonus to performance – as such, equipment will also not have stat bonuses on it. You can see the full presentation on stats here.

Today’s reveal of the magic system aims to, in Jacobs’ words, “put the magic back into magic.” The system is very ambitious, and includes multiple resource systems including runes, reagents, blood, and a spellbook. Spells will be created by the player by combining runes and other reagents. Spells will also have the ability to interact with each other (both friendly and hostile spells) and the environment to change: even Veilstorms can be created if too many spells are cast in an area.

This system is in part referred to as AIR (Action, Interaction, and Reaction), as each spell is more like an object in the world that can be manipulated by friends, enemies, and the environment. More on the spell system can be seen here.

In the mean time, stay tuned for our full BSC recap on Friday!

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