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Cabal Online (Europe) releases ‘Return of the Guardians’ update

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Cabal Online Europe

Game-Masters has just released the latest update for their long-running action focused MMORPG Cabal Online with the new ‘Return of the Guardians’ update. Return of the Guardians features an extremely challenging instance dungeon for the highest level players, a completely new Guild Ranking system that allows guilds to compete against each other for fame and fortune, new items strengthening specific skills, a new Guardian system for the huge daily Nation War PvP battles, and much more.

  1. The Awakened Forbidden Island – A challenging dungeon instance
  2. Enchant Point System – To help with item upgrading
  3. Daily Dungeon Reward system – Rewarding players for completing dungeon instances on a daily basis
  4. Effector Items – Powering up specific combat skills when equipped
  5. Over 50 new Achievements
  6. A brand-new Guild Ranking system
  7. The Guardian title system for the Nation War PvP battles

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