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Brave Frontier Hosts Global Brave Summer Festival 2017

Brave Frontier iOS Review

It’s almost time for the Brave Frontier Summer Festival 2017.  Players will be able to boost their Omni Units into Omni+ levels with the Omni Boost Expansion, starting July 26th. The expansion, which headlines the hit title’s Summer version 1.8.0 update allows players to unlock up to three tiers of Omni+ levels with special materials. Each tier will unlock a higher limit for the unit’s raised stats and skill points (SP) and over 100 Omni units will be available for the Omni+ Boost. Another benefit for Omni-level characters can take advantage of the “Elemental Paradigm System”. Players with squads made up of minimum Omni-level units consisting of at least three mono-element Omni+ units of the same Omni+ level can also take advantage of the newly introduced system.  Elemental Paradigm boosts all parameters to Spark, Critical and Elemental Squad damage, and up to three levels can be unlocked in battle.

The “Vortex Arena” is also upgraded, bringing more exciting content to players alongside the Omni+ expansion. The Vortex Arena will host Elemental-focused Seasons each month in the following order: Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark. Players can form a full mono-elemental squad corresponding to the element in play to battle against other players for high score rankings and Vortex Tokens that can be exchanged for attractive Spheres, Elgifs, Omni+ Boost materials at the Event Bazaar.

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