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Black Gold Online: Thaumaturge Class Revealed

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Black Gold Online

Today Black Gold Online added a new summoner class, Thaumaturge to its Steam vs. Fantasy theme roster. The Thaumaturge beckons dark spirits and miraculous forces for powerful long-range, continuous damage casting. Battlefield summoning and ranged casting make the Thaumaturge a formidable support and ranged DPS role.

The dark clerics of an apocalyptic order, the Thaumaturges summon powerful demonic forces to their aid. Through the careful study of hidden arts and forbidden practices, the Thaumaturges bridge the narrow screen between the world of the living and the nether world beyond. Working unheard of miracles, the Thaumaturge explores the dark recesses of the unseen world, the realm of the roiling, impending blackness that threatens to engulf existence itself. All things end, and the Thaumaturges revel in the coming black, the unstoppable tide of nothingness.

Read more on Black Gold Online’s official site.

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