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Battlerite Royale Now Out on Steam Early Access

Battlerite Battle Royale

Stunlock Studios’ stand-alone spinoff in the Battlerite universe, Battlerite Royale has officially hit Steam today. Battlerite Royale has a 19.99 price tag for Early Access, and with it players get a unique Battle Royale, with a top-down perspective. All that matters is skill, map awareness, and a little bit of serendipity couldn’t hurt. Leap from the back of a wyvern and land on Talon Island to explore,  find powerful items, and participate in fast-paced cutthroat matches where only the smart and quick survive. The Early Access launch of Battlerite Royale features 20 different Champions to choose from, each with unique fighting styles, so even the most demanding players will find the right fit for their own play style. The signature Battlerite combat and input system is familiar for arena veterans, though all Champions have been revamped for Battlerite Royale.

“We’ve taken MOBA and battle royale and blended the best of both worlds to create something different and worthy of all MOBA fans,” says Peter Ilves, Game Director at Stunlock Studios. “Featuring a third person perspective, unique combat, and MOBA elements, Battlerite Royale is a truly unique take on the BR genre. The Early Access version not only plays smoothly, but is already visually captivating, and so we look forward to players joining us on this journey in bringing Battlerite Royale to its complete release next year.”

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