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Black Command, Tactical Combat Sim Now Available on Mobile

Black Command Release -image

Black Command is Capcom’s covert mercenary strategy game, and it’s now live on both iOS and Android. Players control their own PMC (Private Military Company) and navigate the battle map and determine where, when and how to send their mercenaries into battle. Players will command their teams on assassinations, hostage rescue missions, convoy protection operations, and more! The lives of the squad members and the tides of war depend on their deft leadership. Hiring the best possible mercenaries, acquiring new equipment and strengthening the PMC is key to success. Breaking through enemy lines with overwhelming power, or choosing stealth if that’s more their play style.

Game Features:

  • Upgrade your forces with a deep tech tree of real-world small arms More than 150 weapons
  • Maneuver your forces from a satellite view tactical map.
  • Gain a strategic edge by guiding you forces into flanking positions, pincer maneuvers and traps
  • Decide when and where your forces fight accross 10 conflict zones
  • A diverse range of missions including search and destroy, assassination and combined arms engagements.
  • Missions and mercs regenerate every time, for nearly endless gameplay
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