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Battle of the Immortals: Pets and Easter Island previews

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Two new previews were posted on the Perfect World Entertainment blog today for Battle of the Immortals.

The pet preview looks at the pet system. Any monster in game, including bosses, can become your pet, because every monster has a small chance of dropping “itself” as a pet. Every player begins with three pet slots, which can be expanded on later in the game.

There are three things important to know about a pet: its level, quality, and mood.

Level: This is especially important as once a pet is higher level than you, it does not gain EXP

Quality: Based on the quality: Common, Great, Amazing, Superb or Perfect, the better percentage it will grow each time the pet levels

  • Common: Normal growth
  • Great: Bonus 3% growth
  • Amazing: Bonus 6% growth
  • Superb: Bonus 12.5% growth
  • Perfect: Bonus 25% growth

Mood: Like people, pets can have different moods, but only with boosts.

  • Naughty: Increases attack rate by 15%
  • Serious: Increases accuracy and evasion by 10%
  • Reckless: Increases Critstrike rate by 3%
  • Excited: Increases physical attack and magic attack by 5%
  • Cowardly: Increases physical defense and magic defense by 10%
  • Calm: Increases Max HP and Mana by 10%

The Easter Island preview takes a look at the Easter Island area of Battle of the Immortals.

Easter Island has local monsters ranging from bird-like monsters called Ranco to Giant Blackmane Gibbons. One of the most recognizable features on Easter Island is the monolithic statues or “Easter Island heads” that are scattered throughout the island. No one knows who built these statues, but given the aggressive fauna that will not hesitate to attack you, it is no wonder why these builders left!

Pet and Easter Island Screenshots:

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