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Atlantica Online adds new Squad dungeon

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An update to Atlantica Online on Friday of last week added a new Squad dungeon and more for players to enjoy.

The new dungeon is called the Haunted Tatami Room, designed for players level 95+. It is located at Shogun Castle of Death in Northeast Asia, and and has a 60 minute limit with a 40 hour cool-down timer.

Also added is a new B class mercenary, the Empress, who uses a bow and has two magic skills. Earrings and bracelets for mercenaries have also been added, as has the Decoration book.

Update Notes:

New Squad Dungeon: Haunted Tatami Room

  • Squad Dungeon: Haunted Tatami Room has been added.
  • Haunted Tatami Room is located in the Shogun Castle of Death in Northeast Asia.
  • Up to 15 players can enter the dungeon in a squad.
  • Each player can use 6 mercenaries (including the main character).
  • The minimum level to enter is 95.
  • The recommended level to enter is 110.
  • Haunted Tatami Room has a 60 minute time limit.
  • The cool-down timer for the dungeon is 40 hours.
  • Rewards for the dungeon will be given based on the number of monsters hunted within the time limit.
  • Old Kendama is the key required to enter the dungeon.
    • Old Kendama can be obtained through NPC Nikola in exchange for Atlantis Silver Coins.
    • Only the Squad Leader can use the key.
  • A quest which allows players to obtain items necessary to recruit the Empress has been added.
    • You can begin the quest by speaking with NPC Daka, located inside the Haunted Tatami Room.
    • The quest will be reset every day between 6:00am and 7:00am PST, regardless of current quest status.

New Mercenary: Empress

  • A new mercenary, the Empress, has been added.
  • The Empress is a B Class mercenary.
  • The Empress uses a bow and has 2 Magic Skills at her disposal
    • Empress’ Blessing: Shields allies from all magic.
    • Empress’ Curse: Prevents enemies from using magic.
  • The Empress can be obtained by completing the Empress Recruitment quest.
    • You can begin the quest by speaking with NPC Sumi, who is located inside the Haunted Tatami Room.
    • Empress recruitment items can also be obtained through Merchant Mercurius in exchange for Evil-Slaying Arrows.

Mercenary Only Accessories: Earrings and Bracelets

  • Earrings and Bracelets for mercenaries have been added.
  • The new accessories are obtained from NPC Pointry in exchange for AT Points.
    • AT Points are obtained by exchanging various mounts, decorations, and clothing with NPC Gold Cat.
    • Earrings and Bracelets can also be exchanged back for AT Points, but only for a portion of their original AT Point cost.
      • Higher grade accessories will yield more AT Points.
    • Mercenary Only Accessories can be enchanted and enhanced.
  • Mercenary Only Accessories can be enchanted and enhanced.
  • The accessories cannot be Power Enhanced with Atlas Ore.
  • They cannot be dismantled.
  • Mercenary equipment slots have been modified for the addition of the Mercenary Only Accessories.
  • Mercenary Only Accessories can be repaired by NPC Reginn without reducing their maximum durability.
  • The Mercenary Only Accessories can also be repaired by using Repair Stones, but will result in the maximum durability being lowered.


  • Based on your division, additional guild points will be rewarded for competition participation.
    • Colosseum League – Division 6 or better.
    • Free League – Division 4 or better.
    • Free League (Auto-Battle) – Division 2 or better.
  • Sound effect has been added to the Competition Win/Lose pop-up message.
  • Sound effect has been added to the Grand Championship winner pop-up.
  • The bug which allowed you to participate in competitions while in a Squad has been fixed.


  • The maximum number of scrolls that can be used in PvE (versus monsters) has been increased from 3 to 5.
  • The maximum number of scrolls that can be used in competitions remains unchanged at 2 times.


  • Diabolic High Priest, the boss of the Mysterious Inn, has been changed from flying type to ground type.
  • The following monsters have been changed to Animal Type:
    • Worker Ant, Queen Ant, Wasp Larva, Tarantula, Hell Spider, Blazing Lizard, Furious Termite, Flying Fish, Glittering Flying Fish, Red Flying Fish, Sea Hermit Crab, Sea Anemone, Mammoth Hermit Crab, Big Clawed Crayfish, Wounded Crayfish, One-eyed Obiten, Ancient Beast, Brutal Ancient Beast, Forgotten Monster, Ancient Slayer, Sandy Octopus, Green Octopus, Davy Jones’ True Form, Arachne’s Bodyguard, Follower of Arachne, Fallen Wasp, Polluted Soldier Ant, Mutated Spider, Splendid Mutated Spider, Mutated Spider King, Dark Wing Griffin, Colorful Griffin, Violent White Wolf
  • The following monsters have been changed to Metal Type:
    • Ancient Bronze Giant, Ancient Bronze Warrior, Malicious Bronze Giant, City Chief Gatekeeper, Shrine Patrol, Guardian of the Shrine
  • Flying monsters have been added to the following locations:
    • Southern Europe, Northern Europe, North America, Lijiang Women’s Village
  • Gold Collecting Ghost’s magic skill target has been changed from a cross to all characters and the total damage has been reduced.
  • When Volcanic Pterosaur and Enraged Pterosaur die, their bodies will no longer overlap with the monsters behind them in the formation.
  • Captured Baby Fire Dragon’s, a Southern Europe Festival region quest monster, level has been changed to 10.
  • Duran the Scamp and Sheriff Enrique Mas will no longer immediately aggressive towards your character.
  • Monsters will now be displayed for Guild, Nation, and Squad Dungeons when viewing the [Field Info].
  • Boss monsters related to the main story quests will now have speech bubbles.
  • The model for monsters when the setting for Normal or Display Avatars is set to ‘Use Simplified Character’ has been changed.


  • Friar Sand’s Request quest has been added near Yellow Crane Tower, north of Chang An.
    • You must be level 105 or above to begin the quest.
    • Friar Sand’s quests will be reset every day between 6:00am and 7:00am PST.
  • Due to the combination of items, Wild Blue’s “Steel Trigger” quest objective been changed:
    • Horse Hooves x 50 -> Revival Plants x 50
  • The required number of quest items for some of the Grand Canyon quests have been changed:
    • 5 x Force Activator MK I -> 10 x Force Activator MK I
    • 5 x Force Activator MK II -> 10 x Force Activator MK II
  • Quiz question quests below level 50 have been changed to multiple choice questions.
  • The time limit for NPC Boorchu’s “Wrestling” quest, Defeat Diabolic Instructor, has been increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Boorchu and Jelme’s level 120 advancement quest items’ drop quantity and drop rate has been increased.
  • Hu Xue-yan no longer requests that you visit Pien Chueh. The quest has been changed to a multiple choice question.
  • Pien Chueh no longer requests that you go to the Sea Palace. The quest has been changed to a multiple choice question.
  • The time limit on NPC Cleomenes’ “Spartan’s Last Mission” quest has been removed.
  • Vincent Van Gogh’s quest text has been edited.

Decoration Book

  • The Decoration Book has been added.
  • The Decoration Book is a collection book that allows you to store decoration items.
  • You will receive Collection Points for having items stored in the Decoration Book every day.
    • Collection Points can be exchanged for items through NPC Pointry.
  • The Decoration Book can be accessed from the [Game Info] menu – [Collection Book] – [Decoration]
  • Information about the Decoration Book has been added to the in-game help.

Favorites System

  • A new system, Favorites, has been added.
  • The Favorites System allows you to save coordinates of specific locations.
  • You can Teleport or Auto-Move to your saved Favorites locations.
    • Teleporting to a Favorites location requires a Teleport License.
  • Favorite locations can be added for 7 days or 30 days, and requires Atlas Ore to register.
    • The required quantity of Atlas Ore to register a Favorite location is based on the duration you wish to save it for.
  • You can access your Favorites by using the ALT + B shortcut.
  • Favorites can also be accessed from the [My Info] menu – [Character] – [Favorites].

Dismantling Atlus Ore: Atlus Ore Fragments

  • Atlas Ore can now be dismantled into Atlas Ore Fragments.
    • You can dismantle Atlas Ore by right-clicking Atlas Ore and choosing [Dismantle] from the menu.
    • 1 Atlas Ore will dismantle into 10 Atlas Ore Fragments.
    • Up to 1,000 Atlas Ores can be dismantled at one time.
  • Atlas Ore Fragments can be combined to create Atlas Ore
    • You can combine Atlas Ore Fragments by right-clicking Atlas Ore Fragments and choosing [Combine] from the menu.
    • 10 Atlas Ore Fragments will combine into 1 Atlas Ore.
    • You can combine up to 10,000 Atlas Ore Fragments at one time.
  • NPC Reginn’s Repair fee has been changed from [Atlas Ore] to [Atlas Ore Fragments].
  • Atlas Ore Fragment information has been added to the in-game Help section.
    • You can easily navigate to the Atlas Ore and Atlas Ore Fragment Help by right clicking on the item and choosing [Help] from the menu.

Concourt Points

  • Goncourt Points have been added.
  • You can obtain Goncourt Points from NPC [Jules de Goncourt] in exchange for elements.
  • Goncourt Points can be used to obtain various magic skill books from NPC [Jules de Goncourt].
  • Information about Goncourt Points have been added to the in-game help.

Item Unification

  • Some low value items have been unified:
    • Horse Hoof – > Revival Plant
    • Power of Nightmare -> Pure Dragon’s Blood
    • Blue Onyx – > Tears of Teteoinan
    • Red Onyx – > Tears of Teteoinan
    • Powder of Light -> Powder of Soul
    • Powder of Darkness -> Powder of Soul
  • The above items will be converted at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Any of these items that are currently on the Market or in a Jackpot will be restored to your inventory as the new unified item.
  • Due to the unification, the listed items will no longer drop from monsters.


  • The level requirement for using some medicine items has been changed:
    • The Grace of Onteotl : Lv. 100 -> Lv. 95
    • Secret Vial of Stability : Lv. 105 -> Lv. 100
    • Jiuyodian : Lv. 110 -> Lv. 105
  • The following items can now be purchased for a fixed price from the Market:
    • Scroll of Mana Piercing [V]
    • Chicken
  • The rate at which items are obtained from [Captain Kidd’s Treasure Box] has been modified.
  • Punisher’s magic skill books have been added to the [Modern Book Boxes], [Medieval Book Boxes], and [Ancient Book Boxes], obtained from NPC [Goncourt].
  • The drop rates of some Individual Dungeon and Guild Dungeon monsters’ have been changed.
  • Dazzling Warriors now have a chance to drop the summon item [Brainwashed Enchanting Warrior].
  • The chance for obtaining the “Spartan’s Last Mission” quest item, Tombstone Shard, from the [Broken Tomb] has been increased.
  • The following Detroit monsters now have a chance to drop [Electric Bourbon Whiskey]:
    • Black Heart Gunman, Black Heart Assassin, Black Heart Enforcer, Black Heart Lurker


  • The World Map has been modified.
    • You can now adjust the transparency of the World Map.
      • Transparency can be adjusted by moving the slider bar located in the lower right corner of the World Map.
      • With maximum transparency set, the World Map will show only roads, towns, and entrances to areas and dungeons.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over a character or mercenary’s experience bar, located next to the character portrait at the bottom of the screen, their experience percentage for their current level will be displayed.
  • The menus at the top of screen have been revamped.
  • The Quest Status interface, located at the top left corner of the screen, has been modified.
  • The Fishing progress bar, shown at the top of the screen while fishing, has been modified.
  • The Chat Window size should not resize appropriately for all resolutions.
  • The [Effect Info] tab, which was located on the [My Info] – [Character] window has been moved to the bottom of the [Basic Info] tab of the [Character] window.
  • A ‘Camera Zoom’ setting has been added to the [Settings] window – [System] tab.
    • The setting enables/disables the ability to zoom into first person view.


  • Town and Guild quest rewards which gave Enchant Stone Boxes have been changed to give Enchant Stones.
  • “Win a Competition” has been added as a possible quest objective for Town and Guild quests.
  • Guild Points given upon the completion of operation quests (Town and Guild quests) have been increased.
  • Guild Experience will now be given upon completion of operation quests.
  • The amount of Guild Points obtained from Guild Craft has been changed to 1 Guild Point per 25,000 Workload.
  • The in-game Help section for War has been updated.
  • You can no longer receive or transfer Origin Info while already receiving or transferring Origin Info.
  • The message given when you’ve failed to persuade a wandering resident will now display in the system message window.
  • The issue that caused the chat and whisper window to lose focus when a notification appeared on screen has been fixed.


  • You can now earn bonus experience for recruiting a roaming mercenary.
    • The daily maximum number of times you can earn the bonus experience can be viewed from [My Info] – [Diary] or with the ALT + D shortcut.
    • You can earn bonus experience 2 additional times for recruiting a roaming mercenary by using Atlas Ore.
  • When adding additional Fishing Bonus Experience rewards with Atlas Ore through the diary, you will now receive 2 additional times instead of the previous 1.


  • A Congratulatory message will now appear when your main character levels up.
    • You can view a list of content which became available with your new level from the window.
    • The same information can also be found from the in-game Help section under the [Level Up Guide] category.
  • The gold fee required to recruit a roaming mercenary has been adjusted.
    • Beginning at level 51, the fee for recruiting a roaming mercenary will increase as the main character’s level increases.
  • When a new character is created, the default location for the main character in the formation has been changed from the left of the first row to the middle of the third row.
  • NPC [Myne] has been moved to north of Calcutta, at the three-way junction.
  • The messages from exchanging boxes with [Gambler De Mere] and enhancing equipment from [Vulcanus] will now appear in the system message window instead of the chat window.
  • A notification will be sent to you when the price of an item you have listed on the Market is automatically reduced.
  • A problem which caused the newly added residents from the previous patch to not sell items has been fixed.
  • The background music for Hainan Island has been changed.
  • The sound effect for clicking a menu has changed.
  • Cheering spectators have been added to all of the Colosseum maps.
  • The floor of the Sunken Machine Shrine has been changed.
  • You can no longer set a betting amount when registering a challenge.
  • A bug which caused the level increased by using charms to be displayed incorrectly for certain passive magic skills has been fixed.
  • The Princess’ magic used in the Lv. 89 Female Gunner Sparring Hall formation has been changed.
  • If a character’s experience exceeds the required amount to level up then they are able to loot items now.
  • Decorative NPCs have been added around the Chitose Shrine, near Sapporo.
  • The path south of Harbin has been remodeled with new scenery.
  • Several mercenaries’ sound files have been fixed and show now play properly.

NPC Model Updates

  • The following models have been updated:
    • Amy : Roboto’s Love quest NPC
    • Broken Janitor Robot : Robot’s Love quest NPC
    • Jang Jie : Endangered Chang-san quest NPC
    • Ma Yun-ling : Endangered Chang-san quest NPC
    • Amaqjuat : Amaqjuat’s Ambition quest NPC
    • Atanarjuat : Atanarjuat’s Ambition quest NPC
    • Asada : Bulguksa quest NPC
    • Albert : Hainan Island Fishing NPC
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