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Ashes of Creation Discusses Castle Sieges in the MMORPG

Ashes of Creation Castle Sieging Blog

The Ashes of Creation development team recently published a blog post concerning the nature of castle sieging. One of the premiere competitive aspects of the Ashes of Creation MMO, they want to discuss how they’re going to work, and cannot wait to show off how exactly they function. Before that, they go into the details of “why” the sieges matter, and how they work. The full blog post can be found in the link below. All five castles in the world are different, from layout to terrain that surrounds them. Just because you have successfully taken one castle does not mean you are prepared to do battle with the others. Time of day, the weather, and much more will go into castle sieging.

It’s also important to note that players will not start with control of a castle. The first castles will already have owners, and it will be up to the players to evict them and are considered dangerous, high-level raid zones until they are cleared. The first players that siege a castle receive it as a reward. All player classes and professions are important in the sieging of a castle, to boot. It will be up to your crafters to build high-quality siege equipment, and you may want to bring along rogues and other sneak-thieves to make sure the gates open at the right time. From Summoners to Rogues, everyone matters and has a purpose in this upcoming system in Ashes of Creation.

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