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Arena of Heroes Now Available

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Zattikka, the digital games entertainment group, today announced that its game development studio Sneaky Games has launched Arena of Heroes, the first multiplayer turn-based MOBA game that is truly cross-platform. Arena of Heroes is now available for download for free on the App Store for iPad and for PC/Mac. The game has also been selected as one of the featured game titles for Amazon’s Digital Games
Summer Sale, running June 29 – July 14, 2013.

The first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title with the addition of asynchronous gameplay, Arena of Heroes brings tactical battle strategy and cross-platform competitive play to gamers whenever they want and wherever they want. Players can choose from a variety of unique heroes to form their team of four to go to the Tower Apex Arena and battle their opponents. Up to 13 heroes will be available at launch, with plans to release a new hero bi-monthly. Arena of Heroes is free to play, but players will be able to upgrade their experience by customizing heroes sooner and accelerating their level up time.

“Sneaky Games developed Arena of Heroes because we wanted to make a game we all would love to play,” said David Godwin, CEO, Sneaky Games. “And we’ve come up with a game that truly evolves the genre and is
the perfect union of MOBA and turn-based gaming. Plus, it’s just a whole lot of fun to play.” Arena of Heroes gives gamers three ways to play the game, offering single player VS AI, Classic Turns against Live Opponents and also Asynchronous Turns.

Arena of Heroes

– Single Player VS AI Mode – Allows players to practice strategies against an AI before moving forward playing a live game.

– Classic Turn Mode – Allows three minutes for players to finish their movement with continuous gameplay from start to finish

– Asynchronous Turns Mode – Allows each team up to 2 -5 days to finish their turn, making it possible to play multiple matches at the same time with a more casual pace

Additional key features include:

– Seamless cross-platform design lets gamers play against each other whenever and wherever they want, no matter what system they prefer

– Offers real-time and asynchronous gameplay for 2-4 players

-Continuously updated and growing pool of available heroes, each with different stats and skills they use in battle

– Wide selection of cool premium skins that can be purchased for each hero

– Free to play with new content released weekly

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