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Star Trek Online Free Trial Announced

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Star Trek Online has had a troubling launch. Complaints of an unfinished product rushed to release abounded. What’s worse is that STO chose to stick to the archaic subscription model rather than embrace the new, rapidly growing free to play model.

Well Cryptic, the developers, are now rolling on a new set of features that they hope will improve the game and make it playable. To entice players to give the game a chance, they’ll also be rolling out a demo and a free trial.

A demo and a free trial? Well the free trial is only good for one weekend (starting on May 7th) while the demo allows unlimited gameplay time, but is limited to the first few missions and zones.

As a big Star Trek fan, I’m tempted to give the game a try. Nothing beats lasers and space diplomacy, right? Stay tuned for MMOHuts coverage when the free trial / demo is released.

Cryptic is of course the same studio behind the pay-to-play Champions Online. The company was formed by several members of the City of Heroes team and is a leading producer of premium MMORPGs.

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