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Arcane Legends Dives into Deep Sea Pirate Adventure

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Ahoy me mateys! It is time to hop on deck of the Kraken Isles expansion for the fantasy co-op RPG Arcane Legends from Spacetime Studios. The expansion includes additional content, a new level cap raise and mythical, high-stakes adventure for iOS, Android and Chrome fans.

Players will experience swashbuckling adventure as they battle the bloodthirsty fish monster pirates, known as the Aegir. The warring factions of the Aegir have recently been unified by the cold-hearted Captain Bloodhammer, causing a threat to every lad and lassie from the Isles to mainland Arlor! The back story of the Rogue class, a daughter of the Kolga seafaring people, will also be revealed.

“The response to Arcane Legends and the first expansion, Dead City, has been insane with nearly 5 million downloads. We’re sure the fans will love the pirate-themed content in the Kraken Isles and it will bring even more players into the game,” said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios.

Features Include:

  • · Level cap raised 5 levels to 26
  • · New Kraken Isles adventure areas
  • · Travel by ship
  • · Added pirate Aegir foes and bosses
  • · Pirate themed armor and weapons to collect
  • · New Mythic and Arcane rarity items – the most powerful ever!
  • · Season 3 of the Leaderboards
  • · Pets now available in Player vs. Player combat
  • · Additional Achievements
  • · New pets to collect, including the Toucan and Monkey

Not enough? OnRPG and MMOHuts readers can claim an exclusive weapon once the update goes live with the code onrpgkraken. Here’s how to claim your awesome new gear:

  • Download and play Arcane Legends – (links to each platform can be found on
  • Create your character
  • Play through the introductory area
  • Once you enter the town of Windmoore (you’ll see other people running around) tap or click on the chat window to open up the chat interface
  • Type /promocode <code> (so /promocode onrpgkraken)

Exclusive Weapons:

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