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Cross Fire adds Daily Mission System

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Cross Fire has launched a new update with several major changes.

The major change in the patch is the addition of a Daily Mission System, which gives players extra bonuses for daily, weekly, and monthly. There are three types of missions (Kills, Games Won and Games Played) and rewards are handed out daily. Extra rewards are handed out as players complete milestones. Rewards change, but may include extra GP or XP as well as items and weapons.

In addition, the following changes have been made:

• New Mutation Map Research Facility added
• New GP Sniper Rifle DSR-1 added
• New ZP Crate Desert Eagle Scope added
• New ZP Shotgun XM1014-A added
• Gatling Gun has been added to Mutation Mode Supply Boxes only
• Damage Zones have been added to Mutation and SND Maps
• Level Requirements on some guns have changed

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