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Arcade-Style Fantasy Action MMO, Rainbow Saga, Reveals Classes

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NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today revealed the character classes for upcoming free-to-play fantasy action MMO, Rainbow Saga.

Coming soon to the burgeoning portal, Rainbow Saga is an arcade-style 2D fantasy browser-based game packed with lovable characters, stunning artistic scenery and a compelling world brimming with adventure. Players journey across the colourful Troonmill continent as they fight to protect the sacred land from the evil Devil Lord. Exploring exciting dungeons with frenetic action, exploring a variety of wacky locations and teaming up with friends to tackle fun challenges is all in a day’s work for the heroes of Troonmill.

Rainbow Saga gives players a choice of three distinct classes: Elementalist, Holy Knight and Shadow Rangers; each offering unique approaches to the fun, fast-paced action.


Elementalists are powerful sorcerers of magic, capable of wiping out entire armies with their whimsical staffs and bags of tricks.

Elementalists overpower their opponents with a wide range of attack and team buff capabilities. Summoning massive energy waves to boost their team, calling upon Divine Arrows to cause holy damage to the enemy’s frontline, or simply using hypnosis to send opponents to sleep – an intelligent Elementalist can deal with any challenge the Devil Lord throws his or her way.

Elementalists are a medium difficulty character and a strong choice for players who prefer to use brains over brawn in battle.

Holy Knight

Fearless combatants who value honour above all, Holy Knights lead by example in Rainbow Saga and take control of battles by charging to the front line. Their heavy stone shields ensure strong protection for both themselves and their teammates, and a range of furious sword attacks soon have opponents running.

Holy Knights are pure warriors, utilizing skills such as Triple Hit and Flame Wave to inflict massive damage on their enemies. In tight spots, Holy Knights can call upon higher powers and activate Divine Defense and Sacred Storm skills to give themselves a combative edge against the Devil Lord’s minions.

Holy Knights are a perfect choice for beginners and players wanting a well-rounded character with equal attack and defense skills.

Shadow Ranger

Smart and dexterous, Shadow Rangers attack the Devil Lord’s minions from distance with power and accuracy. When the mysterious star they posses is activated, Shadow Rangers can strike with enough force to destroy entire armies before they ever get close.

Shadow Rangers attack with Star Darts and earn additional stars for successful strikes. Collect enough stars and powerful Starburst, Meteorite and Eclipse skills can be unleashed to devastating effect. They look great too – Shadow Rangers are the rock stars of the battlefield when they let loose.

This class is recommended for experienced players who prefer to manipulate battles to their own advantage from a distance.

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