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Allods Online Removing controversial “Fear of Death” Debuff

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gPotato just announced that the upcoming Revelations of Gipat expansion pack for Allods Online will remove the controversial “Fear of Death” debuff. Since Allods first launched, the biggest complaint from players was that the Fear of Death debuff ruined the game and forced players to purchase cash shop items to avoid it. The debuff will officially be removed with the launch of Revelations of Gipat on July 7th!  The expansion will also increase the level cap, add a new zone to the game and much more!

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gPotato finally listened to the community and removed the 1 thing players absolutely hated.

UPDATE: Even though Fear of Death was removed, gPotato added something even worse. Upon death players have a random piece of equipment “Cursed” which makes that item practically unusable (stats become negative). The only way to remove this “curse” is to buy an item in the cash shop.

From the Original Release:

The upcoming Allods Online Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat introduces new content and gameplay mechanics. In fact, one of the most controversial aspects of the game, Fear of Death, is being eliminated!

Fear of Death is a debuff that players receive upon death which reduces all of their offensive stats by 25% for an amount of time proportional to their level. It can be removed by spending Drops of Myrrh that can be bought from vendors, using Incense that can be bought from the Item Shop, or just waiting it out. However, most users will rejoice in knowing that Fear of Death will no longer be a part of the game.

When a player dies in the upcoming patch, instead of receiving a debuff to all of their offensive stats, players will have a very small chance that a curse will be cast upon them. The curse will randomly land on one of a player’s item slots; however, if the curse lands on a slot that is empty or contains an item that is Uncommon or Common, the curse will be deflected, leaving the contents of the item slot unharmed. If the curse lands on an item slot that contains an item that is Rare, Epic, or Legendary, its stats will become inverted.

Bosses in dungeons and raids will now also drop Cursed Items in addition to the items that they usually drop. This means that means that players will have a chance to receive more loot, which can be used once the curse is removed.

In order to remove a curse from an item, players can purchase Scrolls of Purification from the Item Shop, or buy them from other players. Players can also avoid items becoming cursed with each death by wearing Holy Charms. Players may have up to 1000 Holy Charms equipped at a time and each time the player dies, one charm will be used to deflect any possible curse. Holy Charms are available for purchase in the Item Shop, and can also be bought from other players.
In addition to the removal of Fear of Death and the introduction of Cursed Items, Revelations of Gipat will increase the level cap and introduce a number of new features, new bosses, and new zones.

Players can look forward to Patch 1.1 going live July 7th.  Stay tuned each week as we give more details on one of the summer’s biggest expansions!

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