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3on3 FreeStyle (Xbox) Gets Fall Customization Update

3on3_Fall Update

3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One has a new customization focused update ready for players.

Hairstyles, which used to be a locked feature on characters, will now be customizable on several staple characters. Players will also be able to see how their characters would look on the court at the matching screen. They can see how the customized characters move and see the unique poses before stepping into the court.

The level cap will be shattered, going from 40 to 100. New level-up rewards will be along the way, and new players and veterans alike will be rewarded in the coming weeks with extra items to boost their gameplay.

The attendance system is also being boosted, granting bigger rewards on day 27 and day 28, including the Ability Card Pack, FreeStyle Pack, FS Points, Intensive Manual, and more.

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