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  • Jakob Scott

    Wonderland Online Review Short.

    The game is pay 2 win there’s weapons in the “Item mall, real money cashshop” which sells a weapon for 20 euro which is 10 atk and 24% crit, this is the best weapon in the game and the weapon can achieve 48% crit if you only upgrade it by purchasing strong scrolls which is like 5 euro a scroll, and you need like 50+ to get the weapon to it’s maximum potential.

    Then there’s Burst. burst is a fast way to level up you character and it’s easyer than grinding and where grinding maybe gives 200 xp burst can give 20000!. why do i say this?
    Because in order to burst you need 0 zero speed and the weight you use to decrease your speed is obviously needed from “item mall” it’s ranging between 10 -50 euro depending on what speed your character had. ( water/earth/wind don’t need to get a weight but no one bursts with earth or wind, and the game is based so having 1 account is useless, you need to have alot of accounts in order to form a team by creating several accounts – i have 10-12 accounts with very high level characters which was needed since each character has it’s own design and function example my fire killer / mage was used to deal damage, where my fire knight was supposed to Hotfire ( damage increasing ability ) to all my fire characters including pets and my water healing.


    If you have a pet like my Reborn Frederico ( reborn means you got it to 100, and then made it level 1, insane power increase ) 20 attack, 230 Def 300 int 300 wit 50 AGI those are the stats of my pet ( not exactly ) imagen you could buy something in the real cash store that increases the pets stats, well you can! if you are interested in paying 1000 euro then you can get 4000 stats to your pet! imagen getting 1000 on every stats of your pet, so instead of you pet dealing 2000k with 200 INT then you maybe deals 100000! and instead of silly 2,000 health then it has maybe 8,000 health.

    The game is meant to be Pve and if you can pve and don’t mind grinding for years 24/7 with a auto remote on, while you maybe read a book and 8 hoursh after you come back and received 5% out of 100. and there’s not any level cap in the game so once you get to 100 reborn you can grind for a month to get a level up.

    Or you can make a character for PvP where pet’s who is feed (4000 stats) can destroy you
    then go on!

    Or you could be a using the amazing system so you can get all the gold you need to buy all the Item mall system, oh wait … that doesn’t exist there not really anyway to get gold as a new player beside buying cash items and sell.
    You could go for crafting but crafting equipment is so expensive to begin with it’s not worth it. and you can’t grind for money since there’s not any valuable drop by the monsters, so don’t hope for the 200million legendary rare item to drop because there’s nothing like that.

    i believe this sums up the game pretty much, if you do still decided to join the game, then follow my warning DON’T join Aries ( server name ) it’s in a terrible state regarding money, scammers (specially scammers the game don’t care about them and doesn’t ban or anything )

    Windows 8 and 10 can’t play the game )

    ( Coming from a guy who spent 650 euro’s into that game, over 6 years )

    • Gabriel Velez

      Just came here to clarify that Windows 8 and 10 CAN play the game.
      After launching the game you’ll find yourself staring at the client’s artwork with a black background, just press the key combo Ctrl+Alt+Del, open up task manager and the black screen fix itself.