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  • 6Cheese

    What about an update on how epicduel is now

    • Unknown

      I’ve seen epicduel and it’s clear the games pretty much dead. Even with the flash software dying and the community dying the developers seem to of given up on the game I doubt if it’s worth an update 6Cheese.

    • Unknown

      Yeah I’m right. Doubt your gonna reply and even if you do I doubt I’m gonna read it but adobe flash is dying google just confirmed they are moving on with removing it from google chrome. So I really don’t think epicduel has a future so reviewing it would be wasting MMOHUTS time in my opinion.

      • Unknown

        I also get they can transition epicduel from flash to HTML but all the problems that epicduel has been having and the extremely small playerbase that they have which is like 300 players I guess but all I’m really saying is it’s not really worth reviewing this game.

  • ASD

    The developers just announced they are not updating this game anymore because they are focusing on newer projects that doesn’t rely on adobe flash. There will probably be minor updates for epicduel since they plan to keep the server online as long as they can afford to but I wouldn’t have high hopes for it if you enjoy this game or are interested into this game. This game also has alot of balance problems and a very low playerbase and the chat filters is very strict and there’s other problems I’m unaware of but I’ve seen players mentioning problems about the gameplay which caused the playerbase to die off to the very small handful it is today.