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Perfect World Celebrates the Holidays

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Perfect World Holidays

Every holiday season, many of Perfect World Entertainment’s games are transformed with glittery festive treatments. This year’s invitation for all the seasonal in-game events is now available!

  • Star Trek Online – Running from December 4 through January 15, the Star Trek Online Winter Festival sees Q return once more for a holiday event full of tricks and festivities! Joining the ravenous animated Snowmen, a town of Gingerbread people, ice skating, and a race with various winter-themed aliens is a pie eating contest with Neelix. Collect new holiday-themed ornaments for Winter Coats, Snow Weapons, the Klingon Plasma Bat’leth and more! More details can be found here:
  • Neverwinter – From December 18 through January 8, Neverwinter’s Winter Festival brings back the popular monster battles on ice, stat-boosting stargazing, ice fishing, and sled racing. This year’s event brings new rewards including an Ice Sprite companion, a Winter Wolf companion, and the free Starlight Parcel given out every day, which can surprise with a limited-edition seasonal companion! More details can be found here later this month:
  • Swordsman – Joe Chen is in need this holiday season! Starting December 18, help her out to earn festive fashions and an adorable Reindeer pet. More details can be found here later this month:
  • Perfect World International – For 2014, players are invited to take part in new community events, such as new PvP battles with PWI community managers, art contests, Photoshop Battles, and even a “Make a Wish” event where players can wish for an item and the most compelling writers receive their in-game Holiday gift! More details can be found here later this month:
  • Forsaken World – Christmas trees and boughs of holly are hung up with care in Forsaken World! Players are invited to head over to Winter Heights to start their magical journey to find presents placed under Christmas trees scattered around the world. More details can be found here later this month:
  • Champions Online – The Attack of Misfit Toys returns for 2014! For the month of December, enjoy fan-favorite content, including free gifts, a special five-man instance against Black Harlequin’s toys, and an open-world fight against the rampaging robot teddy bear, Clarence. More details can be found here:

Warmest wishes for a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from the Perfect World Entertainment team!

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