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Turf Battles is a fast paced 3D Fantasy MMORPG with a strong emphasis on PvP combat. The game is set in the fantasy world of Fomalhaut where players must defeat their enemies, complete quests and ultimately grow stronger. The game was originally released in Korea and China in 2003, but only recently made its way to North America (2009).

16072  320x240 turf battles gameplay

Publisher:  Eonic Gaming (Aeria Games previously)
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: Low Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Open PvP / PvP Arenas
Filesize: ~3,000 MB Installed

Pros: +Very high level cap. +Action packed open PvP system. +Good skill animations. +Unique turf control system (Guilds can control regions in the game).

Cons: -Graphics and gameplay feel very dated. -Each race has few classes. -PvP only available to characters level 40+. -Dated interface.

This game is being picked up by a new publisher – Eonic Gaming

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Turf Battles Overview

Turf Battles is a fast paced fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on PvP combat. Players can literally attack each other openly anywhere in the game world after reaching level 40. One thing to keep in mind though – the game was originally released in 2003, so the visuals won’t be on par with newer games like Atlantica Online and Runes of Magic. Those looking for a PvP game should quickly fall in love with Turf Battles, as the entire game practically revolves around PvP. Players can form guilds and control entire regions of the game (called turfs) for themselves. The game’s five playable classes are:

Human Blade Warrior – Blade warriors are the most effective ‘tanks’ in Turf Battles. They have extremely high defensive capabilities and far more hitpoints than most classes. Even though blade warriors are the best tanks in the game, they also pack quite a powerful punch in melee combat.

Human Fist Warrior – Fist warriors, like blade warriors, are primarily a melee oriented class. The only difference between them and blade warriors is that fist warriors sacrifice some defensive capabilities for maximum damage, making them the most deadly melee class in the game.

Human Red Mage – Red mages are the most powerful offensive spell casting class in Turf Battles. They are capable of dealing large amounts of damage with their fire spells from a distance, but are incredibly weak in melee combat, as they have low defense and hitpoints.

Nephilim Archer – Archers are the only class in Turf Battles with a long range physical attack. They don’t have nearly as much armor as a blade warrior but much more than a red mage. They are the most agile class in the game and can actually attack their target while moving, making them an incredibly tough opponent.

Nephilim Blue Mage – Blue mages play a lot like red mages, with only a few distinct differences the main one being blue mages have access to more supportive skills than their red mage counterparts. Like the red mage, blue mages have very low hit points and defense but powerful magical attacks.

Turf Battles Screenshots

Turf Battles Featured Video


Full Review

Turf Battles Review

By, Erhan Altay

Turf Battles is a MMORPG with a lively past. Originally developed by the Korean studio SmileGate back in 2002, the game boasted open PvP and a unique guild battle system that gained it a small but loyal following across Asia and even in the US. The game was shut down several years ago, but a successful player driven petition convinced Aeria Games to pick up the license. After several rounds of closed beta and ‘stress’ testing which lasted over a year, Turf Battles finally entered open beta in March 2010.

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Blast From the Past

At around 1.3 GB, the client sized is manageable but the game’s age makes it self apparent right at the options screen. There are only three supported resolutions with 1280×1024 being the highest. Character creation is equally sobering. Jagged polygons make the character models look like something from the early Playstation 2 era. There are two races to chose from: Human, and the Elf-like Nephilim. Humans three classes options, Fist Warrior, Blade Warrior, and Red Mage while Nephilim can be Archers or Blue Mages. Players don’t have to worry about job changes or starting as novices in Turf Battles. The classes are simple, but there are multiple ways of customizing them as players advance.

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No Hand Rails

Each race starts in a different location. Veros is the homeland of the Nephilim while Ladianes is location of the human capital. Generally the human starting map is far more populated and is actually the preferred grinding spot for both races. Turf Battles was developed before World of Warcraft made quests and the iconic ‘!’ a standard MMORPG feature. While there are quests available, they are not a major gameplay element. NPCs are marked on the mini map, but there’s no good way to discern which have quests available. New players will have the option to run a short tutorial quest line by activating an item that starts in their inventory. For the most part, this quest simply asks players to talk to various NPCs around town. After this, players are on their own. The game’s interface is dated, but simple to figure out. Attacks and spells can be assigned to the left and right mouse buttons, similar to the system used in Diablo 2.

24257  500x375 turf battles mad dogs

Fast, but Long

Experience gain in Turf Battles is fast paced, but considering the level cap is 300 that’s not too surprising. Monsters are color coded for difficulty ranging from blue (easy), to orange (difficult) to red (hard.) Players should stick to killing monsters whose names appear in orange for ideal experience gain. The ranged, and especially the mage, classes generally level faster and are ideal for beginners. Each level gained will earn the character 10 stat points that can be freely distributed among 3 physical stats (strength, dexterity, vitality), and five magic stats (blue, yellow, red, white, black.) The sum of a character’s magic stats represents their ‘magic attribute’ score which, along with physical stats, serves as a prerequisite for equipment and skills in the game. With a total of eight stats to distribute points among, new players can easily get confused. An ‘auto-assign’ button is available on the character menu, but it never provides an optimal distribution. Players looking for a good build can visit the official wiki which provides templates for all classes to follow. The two mage classes, for example, do not need to put any points in vitality until high level. Unfortunately, the auto-assign feature isn’t aware of this.

24255  500x375 turf battles ladianes east

What to Do?

Environments in Turf Battles are expansive. Players will do plenty of running both between grind spots and to and from towns. There’s even an NPC that grants players below level 70 a speed buff. But while those zones are large, there are very few of them. There are in total nine maps, and several of those are much smaller than the two starting zones. It won’t take long to hit level 20, which is when players are expected to move past their starting map. Movement between zones is a bit odd in Turf Battles; players must talk to specific NPCs that teleport them. The next marker is at level 30 when players can get a pet. There’s a short quest involved which tasks players with finding an egg off either Orcs or Muddle Keepers then using a special item on the egg to hatch it.

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Ready for Battle

Starting at level 40, players can star to participate in what is considered Turf Battles’ defining feature. PvP. Players are free to attack one another, but they will suffer increasing penalties if they are the aggressor. As a character PKs others they will lose reputation, and their name will turn red. Going red will prevent players from using NPC shops and will even lower their character’s attack power and defense in future PvP encounters. Kill enough players and HP/MP regen also decrease, and killers will start dropping equipment upon death. There are several activities which restore reputation including hunting monster, and resting in safe zones. There are also two battle arenas, and a small ‘soccer field’ outside Ladianes Village which acts as a free-for-all arena where no penalties are applied. Organized PvP options between tribes (guilds) are also available. Tribes can go to war with each other or fight for control of five islands which each have their own level range. Aeria has put a lot of work into this new Turf Battles service, but whether it will find a large audience remains to be seen.

Final Verdict: Fair

Turf Battles is a dated MMORPG that has been brought back from the dead. Veterans are the main target audience, Turf Battles is unlikely to attract many new players with its archaic graphics, interface, and gameplay. Fans of PvP oriented MMORPGs may also want to give Turf Battles a look.


Turf Battles Screenshots


Turf Battles Videos

Turf Battles PK Video


Turf Battles Gameplay Trailer


Turf Battles Gameplay Video


Turf Battles Feature Video


System Requirements

Turf Battles System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 3.0 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce4 series, ATI Radeon 9000 video card

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 3.0 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce5 series, ATI Radeon 9800 video card

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