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Pockie Pirates Overview

Pockie Pirates is a free to play, 2D browser game with a wide range of play options, and thematically appropriate side-features. Players take the role of a young pirates starting their adventures on the grand line, who sort of fell into the purview of Monkey D. Luffy and his usual brand of insane adventures. Players can also engage in a number of thematically appropriate side-features, such as fishing for money, capturing slaves to harvest potions, searching the ocean floor for treasure, and customizing their war ships. Battle marines and pirates alike, recruit your own crew, customize gear and abilities, and make your mark on the Grand Line.


Great Swordsman: Specializes in Defense both magical and physical, but is no slouch when it comes to attack either. Not very speedy, but it could be a problem if they catch you.

Navigator: Magical attack and defense are the purview of the Navigator, but they hit like a wet paper towel.

Sniper: Specializes in Attack and speed. Defense is decent, but Snipers are vulnerable to magic, and aren’t very good at it either.

Doctor: A sort of middling class with a decent speed and magical proficiency, but nothing ridiculously impressive when it comes to stats.

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Pockie Pirates Review

Full Review


Pockie Pirates is a 2D, One Piece based browser MMORPG with side-scrolling combat, and anime-style graphics. Players take on the mantle of a fledgling pirate who wants to make a name for themselves, and ultimately intends to capture the fabled One Piece. Pirates learn skills to increase their powers, gain prestige (used to develop attributes, and such) and silver. Players recruit their own crew members, update their warships, trade with other pirates, go on quests to gain levels and prestige, and can engage in a handful of thematically appropriate side-features, such as searching the bottom of the ocean for treasure, fishing for silver, or capturing slaves to harvest training potions.

Fullscreen capture 9142012 104518 PM2 

Har har, Fidelde dee, you are a pirate!


At first glance, the game is actually pretty good looking; the graphics are nice, there’s very little in the way of lag, and it has quite a few customization options in terms of characters, gear and warships. All of these cost prestige or silver to upgrade, but both of these things regenerate rather quickly, so it’s not a huge issue beyond the cool down periods. The anime-style graphics are appealing, though there’s no real customization available for avatar appearance unless you become a paying player. Animations for finishing moves (at least for the main character) are pretty attractive, and though the gear doesn’t particularly look like anything, you have the option of customizing it with shells, which is actually a pretty original idea, so it gets points for that. In fact, for the first few levels, and battles, the game play is pretty interesting, despite the fact that it takes very little input from the actual player. After a while though, it becomes apparent that the ability to battle, and thus continue with the story line is limited; players have a pool of 100 points that they can use for actions, but these points only regenerate 1 for every 30 minutes, so that eventually can become a pain if you plan on playing the game long term.

Fullscreen capture 8292012 64632 PM1

We are the pirates that don’t do anything…


The game play in Pockie Pirates consists mostly of running around, talking to NPC’s, collecting their quests, and then going out to solve them in whatever manner is required. These quests consist mostly of fighting a group of bad guys, and then returning to report to the NPC who has given you the assignment. There also don’t seem to be a large variety of missions, in that the quests that you go on are pretty much limited to one or two at a time, with very little in the way of side-quests. The constant fighting can get a little repetitive, especially because you have no control over the attacks, or actions of your crew members while battle is going on.  On top of that, some of the directions, and blurbs explaining the side features are hard to understand because the translation leaves something to be desired. The advancement and enhancement systems for both characters and equipment is interesting, and thematically appropriate, but it doesn’t quite make up for the annoying auto-play feature, nor the sort of clunky system for advancing special abilities and attacks. The best thing about the customization features are that silver and prestige, both of which come into play in these instances, are fairly fast to regenerate. The worst thing is that the cool down feature is variable depending on what you’re doing. Some activities will allow you to compound the cool down time up to 20 minutes, but for others you must wait each time to refresh the action.

 Fullscreen capture 9142012 82903 PM

Really bad eggs…


This game follows a fairly predictable format in that it has a very thin amount of main content and makes up for it by adding so many extras that you almost don’t know what to DO with them. The game offers rewards for completing battles with a three star rating. It offers online events, an arena, bonuses for daily tasks, a feature that allows you to search for undersea treasure, and other activities of inscrutable origin and purpose. These features seem to have very little to do with actual game play, but offer another facet to the experience that is not entirely un-enjoyable, even if it seems somewhat irrelevant at times. Most of these features are understandable once you’ve taken the time to investigate them beyond the spotty explanations offered by the game, but there are one or two that seem arbitrary at best. An Auto Play button will take you to what appears to be a field full of idle players, but its purpose is never touched upon to an adequate extent. That being said, making slaves of other characters for training potions, fishing, and even searching the sea bottom for treasure is pretty amusing, and adds a thematically appropriate tone to the game. It certainly serves to keep the game from becoming entirely too repetitive. The Undersea Treasure feature is especially noteworthy in that it is actually somewhat useful; the shells that you can gain from this side-feature allow you to embed them into gear, which provides that gear with a bonus. Of course, this feature also uses up gold, which is the hardest component of the game to reacquire without paying for it. Luckily, it is only difficult, and not impossible.

Fullscreen capture 8302012 12826 AM1

Final Verdict: Fair


Ultimately, Pockie Pirates is not a BAD game to play at all, but its negative points outweigh the positive ones, and the auto-play function makes it less than rewarding in general. If you’re the kind of person that seeks perfect scores in all of your mini-battles, it can be tiresome, because action points run out and as a result you have to wait quite a while to get back into the rhythm of the story, which, frankly, is not all that well developed. The bad translation doesn’t necessarily make the directions and dialogue of NPCs indecipherable, but it’s annoying, and makes the entire thing rather clunky and unpleasant. The extra features can be pretty fun, but over-all they don’t add much to the game beyond an incentive to keep laying in the case of daily bonuses, and a thematically appropriate diversion in the case of slave capturing and fishing. At its worst, the game is frustrating and tiresomely repetitive. At best, it is a somewhat amusing diversion that requires very little attention, or involvement.


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Pockie Pirates System Requirements

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    Leading online games publisher, NGames, has today announced the launch of the anticipated “Chapter 11” update for popular free-to-play One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates.
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