PAX East 2014 Cosplay Round-Up and Magicka: Wizard Wars Key Giveaway!

Games in this Article: Infinite Crisis, League Of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, Magicka: Wizard Wars, Heroes of the Storm

Photos by James Hunt (JamesBl0nde), Content Manager



Hey viewers, it’s the week after PAX East 2014 and time to get rolling with all our coverage. But first we’re kicking things off with the always favorite cosplay voting event! We’re packing a large batch of Magicka: Wizard Wars beta keys as well so be sure to vote for your favorite on the official forum page to qualify for access to one of the best frantic PvP titles of 2014. Now onto the cosplay!

PAXEastWarhammerOrcCosplay PAXEastValkyrieCosplay PAXEastToastmanCosplay PAXEastSorakaJynxCosplay PAXEastPurpleZeldaCosplay PAXEastPurpleBatmanCosplay PAXEastMetroidCosplay PAXEastMassEffectCosplay PAXEastLokiCosplay PAXEastLeonaCaitlynCosplay PAXEastKerriganPrineCosplay PAXEastJayceCatSivirCosplay PAXEastInfiniteCrisisSupermanCosplay PAXEastInfiniteCrisisPoisonIvyCosplay PAXEastInfiniteCrisisCatwomanCosplay PAXEastInfiniteCrisisBatmanCosplay PAXEastInfiltratorCosplay PAXEastGroupZeldaCosplay PAXEastFemaleZiggsCosplay PAXEastEarthwormJimCosplay PAXEastCosplay4 PAXEastCosplay3 PAXEastChunLiCosplay PAXEastBorderlandsDoctorCosplay PAXEastBorderlandsCosplay PAXEastAnnietibberscosplay PAXEast2014Statue PAXEast2014SkiesofArcadiacosplay PAXEast2014JynxCosplay PAXEast2014Cosplay7 PAXEast2014Cosplay6 PAXEast2014Cosplay5 PAXEast2014Cosplay2 PAXEast2014Cosplay PAXEast2014AhriCosplay PAXEast2014AerialCosplay



You’ve seen the beauties and brawn. Now tell us what you think. Enter the giveaway now and we’ll select the Magicka: Wizard Wars winners on Friday the 18th!

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