Black Gold Online Devs Talk Faction Inspiration

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Snail Games has released a new developer diary zeroing in on the artistic styles and clashing worlds that define their upcoming Steampunk Fantasy Faction Warfare MMORPG, Black Gold Online. And while at a glance some might mistakenly see it as simplistic tech vs nature warfare, a much deeper truth of inspiration exists.

IsenhorstInspiration 1024x527

Isenhorst for instance draws its background on a future western setting accented by Victorian style mixed into a society run by Steampunk mechanisms. They carry all the hope and glory of the expansionist era along with the realistic modern dread of resource monopolization and limited supplies.

ErlandirInspiration 1024x723

Erlandir on the other hand is built out of a combination of primarily Mayan and Polynesian cultures, but with plenty of reference to lesser known tribal societies from around the world. Transforming the natural world into living weapons to defend their bountiful landscape is the driving motivation of these people, seeing Isenhorst as a sharp corruption of their ideals.

Be sure to catch the official post for more artwork and the full discussion.

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