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Transformers Universe is a browser-based MOBA from Jagex Games Studio and Hasbro. The game features the two factions of Autobots and Decepticons, player vs. player combat, and many popular characters from the Transformers series.

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Publisher: Jagex Games Studio
Playerbase: Med
Graphics: High
Type: MOBA
EXP Rate: N/A
PvP: Available
Filesize: ??

Pros: + Unique play style with transformations. + 3 free starter transformers. +Play in browser or download client. + Coop PvE or PvP missions. + Limited information available.

Cons: - PvP matchmaking unbalanced. – heavy grind for additional characters. – Auto-selection for maps and gamemodes. – Tutorial limited to basics. - Limited information available.

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Transformers Universe Overview

The new battlefront in the ancient Autobot V Decepticon war is Earth. Squads of purpose-built Transformer Warriors are standing by to serve you and their faction. Enlist your Cybertronian brothers-in-arms and go head to head with some of the best commanders in the Universe

Fight For Your Faction

As a commander of your chosen side, you have an important role to play in the faction war. You will encounter multiple battle scenarios, each with its challenges and tactical advantages. Learn these, and get the upper hand on the opposing faction.
All of your efforts on the battlefield – whether successes or failures – count not only for individual honors, but also towards the overall standing of your faction. This is not just about winning the battle; it’s about shaping the war.

Prove Yourself Commander

As you strengthen your battlegroup , you will be able to engineer your warriors to fit your newly-learned tactics. Make strong bonds with fellow commanders, learn to utilize your skills, and choose who will work best in your team in each battle you face. Earn distinctions, medals and achievements based on how well you perform in each battle. Destroy three enemies in one hit or be the best supporter in your team, and you will be recognized – or even awarded a medal – for your skills.

Plan, Seek, and Destroy

Command your squad of specialist warriors – pick from your collection and choose the right warrior to suit your combat style. Work together with your team to compliment skills and overpower enemy forces efficiently.
Upgrade and repair your warriors – customize how your warriors look, feel and perform with remodels, hundreds of equipment improvements and powerful upgrades.


Across Earth lie the battlegrounds where history will be written, and where the fates of both Autobot and Decepticon will be determined. Humanity has fled from the ashes of your arrival, leaving deserted towns, cities and even entire islands in their wake. These alien landscapes will be the backdrop of your conflict.

Commander – be ready to traverse difficult terrain on missions to eliminate the enemy, and in the fulfilment of objectives that will take you one step closer to winning the war, and one step closer to reclaiming Cybertron. But beware – this planet has not yet revealed all its secrets. Intelligence suggests there is more than merely humans, Autobots, and Decepticons on this world…


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Full Review

Transformers Universe CB Impressions

By Mohammad Abubakr

transformers universe Logo

Whether you are a fan of the comics, TV shows, or movies, we have all heard of The Transformers. These robots with the ability to transform into vehicles are loved by many all over the world. Knowing this, Hasbro and Jagex have teamed up to release a free to play online Transformers game. Which side will you be on? Will you fight the Decepticons or kill off the Autobots?

Transformers Universe is an online free to play… shooter? This game is a mix of many types of games including shooters and RPGs (role playing game). You play the game from the 3rd person perspective and at first look it looks just like any other shooter game. However, there are skills and stats available making it a little more like RPGs. Even the shooting portion of the game differs from the traditional shooters you see on the market. The combat consists of locking on to enemies, there is no cross hair used to aim your weapon. These features make Transformers Universe make up a unique type of game featuring elements from multiple genres being labeled as a MOTA.

As mentioned above, the game features a control scheme most people would not expect. In the Transformer mode, players can move using the WASD keys and aim with their mouse. You do not have a cross hair and must simply lock on to enemies by holding the right click button and then using your weapon of choice. When in the vehicle mode, the driving feels a little bit awkward. You cannot turn with the WASD keys as is expected when the Transformers movement is using those same keys but you accelerate and brake with WS and turn with the mouse. It takes some time to get used to but even now I prefer having the mouse to change camera and turn with keys when driving a vehicle.

TU SS1I personally enjoy playing the healing warrior.

Players enter the battle field with their choice of warriors. I was hoping for the ability to create my own unique Transformers by mixing and matching skills and weapons. Instead we are locked to Transformer templates called warriors. There are many warriors available in the game with many more to come in the future. These warriors must be unlocked by using in game or cash shop currency. As expected, there are warriors of many types allowing players to play with their own unique play styles. Some are better suited for absorbing damage while others support and heal the team. It is unfortunate to see some warriors being limited to only paying users by requiring the purchase of founder packs.

These warriors have three weapons and three skills. Each of the weapons have special abilities which can be used if players have enough energy that is regenerated over time. Skills are different for each warrior including shields and power ups.

Players can also purchase warrior skins, consumables, and items such as augments providing bonus stats. Skins are basically different colours of paint on your warriors but having some customization is appreciated. Consumables allow you to gain bonuses for a short amount of time and have limited uses. Augments and other items are similar to equipment found in RPG games as they provide bonus stats. Some of these items exist only for a limited time and must be crafted again after expiry.

TU SS2You can purchase Augments using Energon or Relics, but you must wait if using Energon.

Aside from the founder warriors, everything is available even for free players. At the end of each match two currencies are rewarded to players: Energon and Relics. Relics are the same currency given to paying players but is given out at a reduced rate at the end of each match. Theoretically you are able to buy anything as free players, but you gain Relics at a much slower rate than Energon.

Alongside receiving Energon and Relics at the conclusion of each match, you also gain experience points which can be spent to level up your warriors. These points received after leveling up can be spent to increase the stats of your choice. It is important to keep in mind that stats are linked to each warrior and not to your account. Your account has an overall level but each warrior has separate stats.

Once you are done customizing and selecting your warrior, you can queue up for matches. In the beta the queuing algorithm seems to be quite buggy as it keeps jumping between game types, causing you to waste a lot of time waiting for matches. You cannot select maps or matches and it is up to the system to decide for you.

There are currently two game modes available in the game: Elimination and Meteor Storm. Elimination is your traditional death match mode where teams fight to reach the kill target within a limited time. Usually this is one of my favourite game modes but it just feels so slow in Transformers Universe. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to kill a warrior and when someone gets low, they simply transform into their vehicle form and run away. To top it off, your shield and health regenerates over time even if you do not have a healer on your team! This makes the combat feel very slow and causes these matches to last very long.

Meteor Storm still has the same problem of kills taking too long but since it is not focused around kills, it is a bit more bearable. This game mode is a King of the Hill mode where your team must control points to harvest energy from meteors. Teams race to reach the target within the time limit.

In each of these game modes, if your warrior dies, it is out of combat for some time. You must select a different warrior until your fallen warriors can be repaired. You also have the option to spend relics for an instant respawn.

TU SS3The only fast thing in the game are the transformations to and from vehicle modes.

Even the game engine isn’t highly optimized and doesn’t run smoothly at times on my high end machine. This comprise had to be made to offer the game in the web browser but I would rather have a beautiful and smooth game that only runs out of the browser. The web browser version runs even slower than the desktop client. I feel that Jagex was aiming for a younger audience and this can be seen by the players found in game. These optimizations and other bugs should be fixed by release… hopefully.

State of the Beta: Stay away unless you like a slow game.

The game had a lot of potential with Transformers battling each other in a fast paced environment but they didn’t pull it off. The game feels very slow and easy due to the high health, regeneration, and lock on attacks. I do not see the overall game play changing even after the beta so we cannot hope that official release will be any better. I was really expecting and hoping for more fast paced action when it came to Transformers. There are still some features such as missions to be added after beta but these things cannot change my opinion of the game. There are a lot better games on the market and the only reason to play this game is because it is related to the Transformers. Even then, I would just play the single player Transformer games.

Transformers Universe Press Preview

Tyler Wood (Zelus_Craft), Decepticon Rights Activist


Key Art Showdown

Jagex invited us to a reveal event in San Francisco, CA for their upcoming game, Transformers Universe.



Transformers Universe is a Free to Play 3rd Person Multiplayer Online Tactical Action (MOTA) game following the Transformers-Prime timeline. For those still curious about the meaning of MOTA, it can generally be summed up as being very similar thematically to MOBAs, but they provide another axis of player movement, have more reinforcement and support elements, and Transformers Universe’s 3rd person view includes an adjustable camera.


At the event we were shown a presentation that demonstrated solo-play mechanics, the central Hub area, the Hanger, some Autobot introductions (Front-Line and Meltdown, respectively), and a recorded 4v4 player match – shoutcasted live by Jagex’s Chief Creative Officer, Alex Horton, and Brand Director, Tim Hodges.


Starting off with the solo-play elements we were shown, players will be able to choose any Transformer from their available roster to free-roam in an open environment outside of their faction’s current base. We were shown an Autobot roaming around a Colorado mountain range; it was explained that the Autobots are currently lying low in an old mountain military base, but this was subject to change as “seasons” of the game progress. The area outside of the base was large and hilly, and acted as a demonstration area to show off the maneuverability of a Transformer in primary (vehicle) mode.


The general handling of Transformers in primary mode is loose and forgiving. The camera self-corrects upward and to the back of the Transformer as it moves around, like in a typical racing game, but it can be changed at any time manually with the mouse. Alex Horton explained that they aimed to make the driving aspect feel as fast and fluid as possible without alienating inexperienced gamers.


After some driving around in some hills we saw the Transformer, well, transform into attack (battle) mode – with classic sound effects and all – and jump into melee-ranged combat with some Terrorcons – whom are essentially serving as the game’s NPCs that are ripe for whacking about. Combat looks fast, vicious, and stompy with lots of visual effects, weighty animations, loud weapon blasts, and damage numbers popping up. As it turns out, a top-tier EU World of Warcraft Arena player helped shape the combat system, and it really shows. As far as we could tell, it was all tried and true WASD movement, mouse based primary attack and camera control, and a number-key based hotbar for abilities and skills. MOBA and ARPG players will feel right at home with the Transformers Universe HUD; minimap, healthbars, and floating damage indicators are all there and are presumably customizable, at least to some degree.


Afterwards the Terrorcon dropped some all-important Energon, which fans of the series will recognize as the preferred fuel source for Transformers. Energon will act as this game’s currency and main resource for crafting consumables, such as combat health packs, and for repairing Transformers in the Hanger.


At this point it became clear that the free-roaming area and solo-play aspect of the game would serve three primary purposes. Primarily it provides players will a low-pressure environment to test out various Transformers – both in primary and attack modes – and to get a feel for how each Transformer handles. It also serves as an area to “quest” in and gather Energon. Finally, it serves as a method of delivering lore and developing story elements to the game, such as “how the war came to be” and “where we’ll introduce new stuff in future seasons.”


Alex Horton was quick to point out that “seasons” of the game will include new story bits, characters, and maps. There is no set release schedule for “seasons,” and the reasoning behind such is that Jagex would rather release updates when they feel they’re done as opposed to shipping half-baked deliverables.


Players will be glad to know that they can transform their Transformers at will – and it’s highly recommended that they do so to fight, retreat, or get back into the fray quickly. Needless to say, primary mode is a much faster means for covering ground than attack mode, but at the same time it’s very limited in terms of offensive capability.


Players can also switch to another Transformer in their roster at the Hanger. Transformers are collected and selected in a pseudo-CCG style where only one can be active at a time and many sit on the bench in reserve. This is where the Tactics of “MOTA” begin to show; being able to change to a different Transformer at the Hanger will allow players to adapt to the ebb and flow of battle as needed.


Next, we were shown an Autobot entering the Hub – the aforementioned military base. The Hub is where players of the same faction can walk around, party up, access the Hanger, or access the Warp Gate that serves as a map and match selection screen.


Following that we were introduced to the Hanger – the only method of switching Transformers out and customizing them. At this stage there are quite a few Transformers to choose from, at our count at least 12 on the Autobot side, and all of the ones we saw were brand new. Jagex has worked directly with Hasbro in creating many new Transformers such as Front-line, Triage, Sparkscape, Meltdown and Catapult, just to name a few. Most of the Transformers we saw looked like derivations from Generation One. It was hinted that some of the better-known Transformers would appear in the game as playable characters at some point. The pricing and acquisition of consumables, customizables, and Transformers is largely under wraps for the time being.



The Hanger displays all of the characteristics of Transformers in a player’s roster. Different Transformers are specialized at different things – some have different primary mode movement and handling attributes while others are equipped with different attack mode damage types (eg. melee, healing, ranged, fire, electricity, energy, etc). Going on, each Transformer also has different attack penetration and shield attributes. Each Transformer also has several unique abilities ranging from bonus damage buffs to team area-of-effect heals. It was briefly mentioned that deeper weapon and damage mechanics would be present in the game such as on-shot critical-damage chance, damage-over-distance drop off, and arcing shots for longer ranged projectile weapons.


At this time there does not appear to be a long item-focused progression system in place, although we’re told that weapon and ability progression is still “in flux.” Jagex is focusing on there being a “player” progression system following these three aspects instead:

  1. Your personal Transformer roster.
  2. Your skills with each Transformer.
  3. Your general knowledge of tactical situations, conditions, and battle participants.



Customization of Transformers is somewhat limited at this stage – there is no create-your-own-Transformer feature, but there are multiple selectable skins and paintjobs.


Right now, additions of Transformers to a player’s roster and skins for the Transformers themselves will likely be the main method of monetizing the title, which is fair as skins themselves have no direct impact on gameplay and it’s clear that no Transformer will be inherently “better” than another – just different. Jagex expressed that they’re very astute regarding Pay-To-Win issues with many of today’s Free-To-Play games. That said, each Transformer would be different enough that Pay-To-Win isn’t really feasible.


After checking out the Hanger we were shown a map selection screen through the Warp Gate. A 4v4 Team Deathmatch (first to 25 kills) was selected. At this point in time it appears as though Team Deathmatch will be the primary mode of play.


The match we watched was on a somewhat narrow, close-quarters desert town map within some hills. The two opposite edges of the map served as spawnpoints from the Hub/Hanger area. Players raced to the center of the map through alleyways and over buildings in primary mode, and from there they transformed and engaged in what only can be described as utter carnage. Players flanked, retreated, re-flanked, healed, sniped, and swung at each other from all sorts of angles. The way the match played out can be likened to World of Warcraft Arena crossed with some MechWarrior Online; lots of special effects everywhere, and like a top-down MOBA, was a microcosm of ordered chaos.


We observed some very interesting and distinct mechanics that seem to only emerge during combat, which really helps separate Transformers Universe from other online games: The first noticeable one is that players can retreat quickly in primary mode to switch out or repair their Transformer back in the Hanger – note that repairing immediately costs collected Energon. The second is that nothing stops players from stacking the same Transformer, which is a freedom rarely executed in team-based games today. So, if you and your fiends want to field a team of Catapults or two pairs of Meltdown/Front-line then you can. Finally, players can choose to retreat at any point to stall for repair time, set up ambushes, or make flanking plays in three dimensions. As a result of these mechanics, fights can change rapidly and dynamically over time if the players will it to.


In a post-presentation interview it was revealed that game modes other than Team Deathmatch will be available at launch – we asked about the inclusion of an asymmetric mode along the lines of ‘Autobot Search/Rescue vs. Decepticon Search/Destroy’ but for now they’re keeping the other mode types under wraps until a future event. From our interview we gathered that the developers at Jagex have an interest in pursuing some asymmetric gameplay modes, which would honestly be a breath of fresh air in the online multiplayer scene, but there is no confirmation on the inclusion of these modes just yet. We also asked about team sizes not being limited to 4v4, but Jagex was hush-hush about that too – likely good sign.


During the presentation we noted a lack of flying Transformers in the Hanger and during the multiplayer match. When asked about the exclusion of this type of Transformer a developer from Jagex said they’d like to include them, but want to figure out how to balance them and introduce them in a later season.


Given that Transformers Universe is primarily multiplayer focused, there will be an in-game party system as well as a ranked ladder available at launch. We asked about the inclusion of a built-in voice chat option for the game, which would make sense for anything involving tactics, and the developers from Jagex responded positively saying, “We’d like to ship with that if we can, since communication between team members is such a critical element.”


It was recently announced that Transformers Universe would use the Unity Engine, and we’re glad to report that the game will be available both through web browsers that support the Unity Engine plugin as well as a standalone Unity client.


Jagex expressed to us that Transformers Universe is going to be a long-term game with many seasons and iterations and that it’s the biggest game that they’ve worked on since Runescape. We feel, and know, that Jagex is supremely experienced in long-term titles, as exemplified by the still-popular Runescape.



We were overall quite impressed with what we saw; Jagex has taken the Transformers license farther than we expected and it looks leaps and bounds better than many other entertainment franchise licensed games. We were initially skeptical of the whole “MOTA” thing, but it all makes sense now that we’ve seen it in action. We’re looking forward to the next Transformers Universe event and the upcoming release.


Transformers Universe is scheduled to release this summer and is currently in beta. You can sign up to participate in upcoming beta waves on the official website, here.


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Transformers Univeres – First Look

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System Requirements

Transformers Universe System Requirements

Coming Soon. . .

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