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Grand Chase Gets Tower of Disappearance Dungeon

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Today KOG Games, publisher of the hit free-to-play MMO Brawler, Grand Chase, releases the most difficult dungeon to date: The Tower of Disappearance.

The aftermath of the heroic battle between the Knights of the Grand Chase and the erratic demon Veigas sent a surge of magic across the veil so powerful that time, and reality itself, fractured. Through this rift emerged the eminent, diabolical monolith, the Tower of Disappearance. Though, this was no accident, the vile powers that creep the halls of this infernal tower have prepared for this moment for centuries; waiting for the realm to be at its weakest and the perfect time to unleash a demonic onslaught upon this world; the likes of which have never been seen before.

The Tower of Disappearance is for hardcore dungeon crawlers only. The ToD is a Hero Dungeon for the highest level players. That’s right; this is end-game content with some of the biggest, baddest and scariest monsters and bosses ever. With the biggest and baddest monsters come big and awesome loot.

What makes this dungeon so evil? For starters, there are no potions and no continues allowed. Players get one shot at this dungeon of dungeons. Even pets get their attacks limited. Fido won’t be able to jump in and save you this time. Players will scale 10 floors with brutally challenging environments on each of them; all of this leads up to the epic rematch between Kaze’Aze and the Grand Chase. But don’t take too long to figure this all out, if players take too long to traverse the catacombs a rain of blood will begin to pour from the sky draining HP and bringing about nothing short of death. Move fast … or perish. However, if players move quickly and do well an HP boost will be applied when moving on to the next floor.

Sounds rough right? Why do it? Because a leader board showing everybody in the realm who the biggest and baddest dungeon crawlers are will be designated for this Tower. Also, the True Iron Dragon sets drop nowhere else but here, and a Single Property Scroll (the rare scroll that allows players to change a single item property) may land in your hands … and these are some of the best items in-game.

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