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Pit of War Overview

Outcast Games’ Pit of War is a new take on browser games. Entering the war-ravaged world of the Great Realm, Gladiators and Masters are revered and adorn by the public.  Requiring strategy in this animation-free game, as Pit Master, you must use your brains and your hired brawn to gain success.

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Pit of War Review

Thirst for Blood

Pit of War takes place in the fantasy world of the Great Realm.  This is a place that has been ravaged by war, a place people thirst for blood in the Pit.  As an upcoming Pit Master, at the start of the game you are given a small amount of gold and some trophies.  Starting off at the slave market, you are given a few options for your first choice of a gladiator.  There are stats listed by each one. Some of these stats can be changed later in the game, but some of them cannot be, such as the size and height, so choose wisely. But if you find a particular gladiator was a bad investment, players are able to sell them in the Slave Market.

After picking your slave, you are given the option for three disciplines to choose from for your gladiator to train- Rage, War, and Theatrics.  Each determines which weapons your gladiator can use and which fighting strategies you will unlock as you advance.

Rage – They care nothing for their survival and live only to destroy their opponents in the bloodiest manner possible.  They know no fear and can withstand wounds that would slay a lesser warrior thrice over.  Rage gladiators are the most terrifying opponents of all.

War – Disciplined, professional, and utterly ruthless.  Known and feared as the elite warriors of the Great Realm.  Those who survive the arena become the most feared champions, great leaders and merciless generals.

Theatrics – Sublimely talented, these warriors combine incredible skill with an eye to slaying their opponent in a manner that pleases the crowd.  To maim, mutilate, and slowly dismember an opponent for the amusement of the crowd.  Armed with outlandish weapons and clad armour of spectacular appearance, the sight of such a warrior entering the arena is greeted with deafening cheers and howls.

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Training Day

At the Gladiator Stable, players can view and change a gladiator’s skill tree.  The tree is broken up into three main categories: rage, war and theatrics.  Along the top of the tree are skills that all gladiators have regardless of discipline, such as agility, stamina, etc.  With each match win, you will gain training points.  With these points you can upgrade skills or a talent.  Each skill or talent takes 10 training points to fully upgrade.

If you are looking to earn some extra gold or just get in some practice, stop by the tavern.  Patrons of the tavern look for hired help to complete jobs of varying skill.  With each contract there’s a chance of finding dropped items and rewards, along with gaining experience.  In order to choose a contract you must have available energy to spend, which is gained over period of time automatically.  Of course, you can use the game’s cash option, trophies, to purchase more energy if it has been completely expended.

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Making Bank

Like most other F2P browser games there’s an in-game currency called trophies.  There is a cash shop available in the bank if players want to purchase in game currency.  But unlike most browser games, there is an option for players to exchange gold for trophies, with a caveat of course.  Each day, you are able to exchange gold for one trophy.  You are also able to exchange trophies for gold.

These trophies can be used to upgrade the gladiator stable or upgrade skills on a gladiator’s skill tree, which would otherwise take a great amount of training points.  Which gives players who do not want to pay, a unique option to save up trophies for items or upgrades.

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Putting your strategy to the test, players battle their gladiators against other players in the battle arena.  Each day players are allocated battle arena points, with each battle in the arena costing one point to participate.  In addition to the matches you can choose, there are two arena fights per day in which gladiators are matches up with other fighters in their bracket.  The fights are at 2 PM and 2 AM daily, with results posted after their conclusion.

If you have not experienced enough action, Masters can take their fighters to the Black Market for underground fights.

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Final Verdict: Good

Pit of War is a great game for players looking to play a game with an emphasis on strategy.  With a detailed lore and beautifully crafted artwork adorning each page, this game is a refreshing take on the genre of browser games.  What Pit of War lacks in animated action, it makes up for with a world created with delightful depth.


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System Requirements

Pit of War System Requirements

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