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Wizard101: The Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101 introduces its new Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle, a special retail bundle. It includes:

  • The Great Clock Tower – Aha! You appear to be exactly what Valencia needs in this time of peril! “Time” of peril, you ask? Yes! Something’s wrong with the Great Clock of Valencia and Time, she’s speeding up! Hands down, we need YOU to brave the ticking dangers of the cuckoo clock gauntlet. But don’t worry, there will be a bounty of rewards and . . . um, it won’t be too . . . time-consuming . . .
  • The Clockwork Courser Mount – Ride a masterpiece of Valencian design. What an amazing, whirling automaton of equine beauty she is! And she’s a battle mount that will help pierce through your enemies defenses.
  • The Battle Cherub pet – What is this? A little clockwork pal to help you in your adventures through the spiral. This must be a gift from Master Gazpaccio himself! Train it well, Wizards, and it will be your most faithful companion.
  • The Dragoon’s Tabbard, Leather boots, Capitano Hat and rapier – Engarde! Valencia is rife with sport and competition and with these great items, you’ll be showing off your very best combat stance. Show them your forte with bravura and technique!
  • and, finally, 1 month of membership or 5000 Crowns for other smart purchases in Wizard101.

Don’t let time slip away from you! This amazing bundle of items can now be yours for $39 at Target and Walmart.

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