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VALOFE Announces Pre-Registration for ‘Legacy of Atlantis’

Legacy of Atlantis is a mobile fantasy-action MMORPG from VALOFE, publishers of Atlantica Online, Combat Arms, and Luminary. It combines popular ideas such as free collection of Heroes, real-time action and growth/development of MMORPG characters through exciting battles. Blended with an experienced development team (NDOORS), years of experience in the RPG industry promises to create an action-packed experience. Legacy of Atlantis will break down the usual boundaries of in-game content such as real-time cooperation to create equipment as a guild, with social content such as doing battle with titanic raid bosses. Pre-registration starts from today until the actual launch and can be applied to through the pre-registration homepage below. Those who participate will receive 100% of the equipment required for gameplay such as  Random Hero Ticket, a Random Weapon Ticket, and a level achievement compensation box.

“From real-time action, team action, and tag action battles to live 5 player raids, this new concept of RPG game brings new boundaries and one that is different from the
usual MMORPG gameplay” from a comment by the VALOFE Operations team. “We hope you will participate in the pre-registration and check out the various rewards
and information about the game in advance.”

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