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Tower of God : Great Journey – Pre-Registration Trailer

NGELGAMES premiered a trailer teasing the global launch of Tower of God M: The Great Journey, a mobile idle anime RPG based on the popular webtoon of the same name, during GameSpot Swipe. Tower of Godā€™s original story has over 6 billion views on Webtoon, has been adapted as a Crunchyroll original animated series, and has reached the top rank on popular game charts across Google Play and the App Store with its Korean mobile game release. The game will launch globally this winter with pre-registration opening in October 2022.

Tower of God M: The Great Journey crafts an exquisite retelling of the original story and emotions with high-quality artworks and animations. The new trailer reveals:

  • Entrancing battle system and powerful skills

  • Beautiful animation depicting the fascinating story of the original webtoon

  • Unique skill system and combat style based on character relationships

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