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Tower of Fantasy – Version 2.5 Sound of The Sea Trailer

Tower of Fantasy has revealed Version 2.5, Sound of the Sea, coming to the free to play MMORPG on May 11.

The deepest, darkest, most treacherous part of the sea becomes available to Wanderers in this new update, as players now have the ability to explore the Deepsea Caverns of The Dark Source. As Wanderers descend deeper into the mysterious sea, they will have to upgrade their materials through prerequisite missions to withstand the extremely high water pressure that comes with entering The Dark Source. Two new puzzle-solving missions, Trapped Patrol Guard and Inactive Surveillance Guard, will also be available. Also new to Sound of the Sea is that the difficulty will increase with Dimension rather than Wanderer level, which will increase the power of encountered enemies, and can also grant more rewards for puzzle-solving and chest contents. Abyssant: Nakya, a massive new World Boss taking the form of a red, spider-like skeleton, will also be introduced.

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