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Loadout – First Look

Loadout – First Look

Welcome to Loadout! an out­rageus new mul­ti­player shooter that’s all about the guns, Baby! Build a mas­sive vari­ety of absolutely insane weaponry — over 50 mil­lion com­bi­na­tions — totally cus­tomized, totally unique, totally deadly.

You want a launcher that shoots ground-skimming rock­ets that explode into destruc­tive clouds of flak? You got it! How about a gun that shoots syringes filled with heal­ing green glow­ing goo that bounces off walls? It’s done Son! What about a remote con­trolled mis­sile that sticks to ene­mies before destroy­ing them in a mas­sive blue ball of elec­tric destruc­tion? We got you covered. Load­out is about total and unin­hib­ited player expres­sion. Craft your own guns, design your own load­out, dress your char­ac­ter to the nines, and play your way. Best of all? It’s absolutely free to play and JamesBl0nde shows it off in his latest First Look!

Want to try the game out for yourself? Pick up a closed beta key at the MMOHuts Giveaway Section

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