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Titan Siege is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Chengdu Storm Totem Studio and is available for PC. Titan Siege features a game world of mixed legends from ancient countries like Northern Europe, Greece, and Egypt. The anger of the Titans is now coming down on the human world, so you must assume the role of a hero and rise up against it. You will be able to take on different missions and quests, helping people and ridding the world of domination as you journey towards your ultimate goal of killing the Titans.

Titan Siege features 5 different classes that players can choose to be:

Warrior – Close range combatant that can specialize in defense or offense.

Mage – Long range combatant that uses fire and ice magic to decimate enemies.

Priest – Long range class that can support other party members with heals.

Voodoo Elementalist – Combatants that can summon undead forces to aid them.

Assassin – Close range combatant specializing in grappling and assassinations.

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  • Anil Kumar

    great free to play game why no info about in internet its a really great game must try once thanks for try