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Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty Launch Trailer

Are you a fan of deep immersive strategies that test your tactical skills to their limits? Take a look into our upcoming game “Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty” which stands out as a truly hardcore experience among others.

Set in a harsh winter of 1939, action takes place in the middle of Soviets invasion on Finland. Relive history or make up your own one, altering it to your imagination. You can meet many historical figures on your way as aids in your battle, watch cinematic prologues and outros to each fight, and help Finns find their way out of USSR grip.

“Spirit of Liberty” has beautiful graphics, with gameplay heavily focused on the strategy aspect – everything depends on your choices. Make deliberate decisions on how to manage your resources for a victorious battle. Each fight gives players different history-based objectives to accomplish, which impacts the final Victory Points score they’re graded with after a battle. As the commander, besides developing your troops, you have to constantly improve your HQ skills in the chosen direction, which’ll result in new active and passive abilities for your forces.

Every unit has its own parameters and skills so anything can be adjusted and improved – your troops are as customizable as you need them to be. With the progress of passing time, your forces can also be updated to newer models making the historical experience even more immersive.Their performance is also impacted by the time of day and weather – sneak under the cover of darkness to ambush your enemy.

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