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The latest update for MU Origin is here – 6.0. With it comes the Misty Mines, Descent, Awaken Evolve, and so much more. Misty Mine is an extension of the Force system, where players can pillage and protect mine carts in an all-server battlefield. The Misty Mine event will run every Friday from 19:00 to 19:30 (server time). Players need to join a Force first and complete up to the main quest “Sealed Door (2)” after Rebirth 10 level 40. Three caves, including The Union Mine, Sacred Order Mine, and Illusion Association Mine will be open for the challenges, one for your Force to defend and two of which belong to the enemies. Players can receive points according to the number of enemies defeated in their Force’s battlefield when the mine cart arrives at the destination. After the Misty Mine closes, participants will receive Force Contributions, Force Grades, EXP, or Bound Zen based on their acquired points.

This newest patch also adds a new Descent system to acquire the Descentform Costume for the game. After using the Descentform, the characters exterior changes for a set amount of time, and the skills switch to Descent skills. Players can also raise the level of Descentform with the Heaven Drop item. A new Refine system also has The Enchant lets players add Enchant options to gear and mounts. Enchant Stones are required for this and can be shared among friends. The Awaken Enhance system will also let players enhance activated Awaken Stones, to increase these options. Finally, there’s also a level cap increase, log-in rewards, and other fixes/improvements.

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