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Stormbound Is Now Available on Steam and Kongregate

CCG Stormbound is now available on Steam and Kongregate, and in it, players are pitted against each other in tactical battles. Using positional tactics and deck strategies, play powerful units on the board to progress towards the enemy base and seize victory! With four kingdoms and more than a hundred cards with unique abilities, there’s so many decisions and ways to play to turn the tide of war. With the recently added Dragons and Friend Matches, the world of Stormbound keeps expanding. This new release brings the deep strategy game to PC, both as a Steam download and right from your browser on You can now play anywhere – at your desk, on the road, on your couch – with the same account and against people on any platform.

Key Features:

  • Full-screen visuals that make the beautiful Stormbound art come to life

  • Multi-platform accounts – Play freely across devices with a Kongregate account

  • Full cross-platform multiplayer – Play against friends and foes on any platform

  • Optimized User Interface for a great desktop experience

  • Available on Windows and Mac

  • On Steam: A juicy set of Steam Badges and Trading Cards coming soon!

  • On Kongregate: Play right from your browser using HTML5!

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