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Riot Zone Unleashes Fast and Furious PvP Battle

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Leading publisher Mail.RU Games has unleashed a short but furious event for their fast paced PVP war title,  RiotZone.  Free to play from anywhere without any downloads, this intense PVP action will redefine the RiotZone landscape.

Amigos, both the Coalition of the Crown and the Red Alliance pursue the same goal: the dispossession of the nefarious Dictator.  However, each faction feels their way is best; these opposing methods have now come to an explosive peak, in a bloody PVP battle!  Both factions are ready to enforce their unique views by any means necessary – including a show of arms.  Players can join in now and battle alongside their faction leaders.

RiotZone Gameplay Screenshot

What will happen to Merania after the Dictator has been overthrown?  The Commandante is of the mind that Merania should be an independent nation, powered by its flourishing economy.  The Baron, however, wants to tie the Meranian economy into the global world, dependant on foreign capital inflows.  Compromise isn’t in the vocabulary of either leader, and rising out of a fierce argument the gauntlet was thrown down to prove which faction will direct the future of the country!

Group leaders will gather for the “conflict of interest” daily from 12pm to 1pm server time daily, when they will prepare for the full battle to come.  Then, from 2pm to 3pm server time, group leaders will enter the fray for an all-out PVP battle!  Each day will be open to a different level range, so both new players and veterans will get their chance to enter into the fray.

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