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Starborne Frontiers Beta Trailer

Game developer Solid Clouds is excited to announce the closed Beta launch of their newest title, Starborne: Frontiers!

Frontiers is a multi-platform RPG and the studio’s second game. Set in the same universe as their first game, Starborne: Sovereign Space, it combines aspects of auto battlers and squad-based RPGs to offer a more up-close and in-depth view of the complex sci-fi world. Taking up the mantle of Fleet Commander, players will recruit new ships and train their pilots to take on all the dangers – and secrets – that the edge of the galaxy has to offer. From bounty hunting boss fights to the campaign storyline, with multiple game modes and recruitable characters from 10 different factions, Frontiers offers players strategic challenges from every angle.

“We are forging ahead with the development of Frontiers,” says CEO Stefán Gunnarsson. “It has been receiving very positive feedback from our test players. This milestone has been reached on schedule as a result of a well-executed plan and the efforts of our high-performance, dedicated team.”

The studio is currently accepting applications for beta testers, who will be able to get a first glimpse of Frontiers’ campaign mechanics, PvP arena, and the bounty system. Closed Beta testing will start in the upcoming weeks. To sign up to be a tester, please visit the discord at or at

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