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Ship of Heroes Livestream: The Villains News

Last week, the Ship of Heroes team did a livestream talking about the various enemy groups that are coming to plague the protagonists in Ship of Heroes. Neith ran the show and talked about the five villain groups, including a new one, that’s aboard the FHS Justice. Each has their own origin, goals, power themes, and models. Two groups were displayed for the very first time, and the Nagdellian group expanded, revealing a new lieutenant and a new boss model. The two new Nagdellians are primarily the work of noted character artist Robert Brown.  In addition to this, they showed off a new female superhero costume, with a traditional bodysuit and a variety of cool accouterments. The team is also seeking feedback on their forums for the new costume, as well as the other models shown. That link is below.  We do have some words from the CEO of Ship of Heroes, Casey, regarding some of this wonderful content. There’s a lot discussed in this livestream and it’s worth the time to learn more about how far they’ve come.

“First, the original lieutenant (the second Nagdellian from the left) does have a gun. We just posed him for the livestream without it. Both he and the basic soldier are ranged damage characters, but the lieutenant can call in reinforcements. You could actually see that in our video from almost a year ago (Wow, time flies) called Sneak Peek at Combat.

We want to do something clever with the new lieutenant (third from the left), but we don’t have it coded yet, so we’re waiting for a bit on that.

The big boss or Captain (in white, on right) has now been finished and we are deciding on the color set we want for him. We’re trying to make the Nagdellians stand out from each other a bit so that players have more than just height on which to assess enemy powers, and respond tactically. The boss is planned as a melee fighter who does a lot of damage and can take a lot as well. so he will be n assault leader. We have plans for other Nagdellians bosses with more of a psychic powers capability. and a super-boss.

As to how the Nagdellians enter the Justice (the ship has shields as well as a hull) — both sides, them and us, have the ability to target an enemy ship and overload the shields in a small spot and then beam in small numbers of assault troops.. [sic] The portal closes though if the enemy cannot seize enough of the ship to shut down the shields from the inside. Hence the battles. Also, the Nagdellians, like others, want to raid and seize Unobtanium, and a success from even a single raid could justify ten more attempts. The Nagdellians don’t worry about losing raiders.” – Casey (The Consultant) CEO of Ship of Heroes.

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